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Post by Healey » Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:25 pm

Anybody have it? What do you think?

Saw some gameplay today and it's looking a lot more impressive than the pre-release footage did. I've always been a fan of slower paced shooters where the player who thinks beats the player who spams.

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Re: Homefront

Post by Grayswandir » Thu Mar 17, 2011 12:48 am

Honestly, if you go into Homefront expecting to be able to outgun some guy who's hip firing his SMG at you, you'll most likely die unless you can aim for the head. Homefront feels like a strange mix of Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare. I suppose I can just list the things I've learned about it while playing for you.

The guns have a rather large amount of recoil, which means firing from the hip at range will usually just waste bullets. However, aiming down the sights slows down your ability to turn which can get you killed at close range. Someone aiming down the sights will normally beat out someone just spraying and praying, but you're limited to a walking speed while you aim, so in a close range battle its a better idea to just fire from the hip and unload a clip into someone's chest.

All the guns are pretty well balanced though, you won't find any one gun that really out-shoots another one all the time, even the pistol is a pretty good backup weapon. Except for LMGs; LMGs feel like a situational weapon. Sure, they can damage and eventually destroy everything but heavy vehicles, but they're inaccurate and they slow you down. They're ok at medium distance, but they can get outshot by SMGs at closer ranges. You don't have to worry too much about snipers, their rifles are high damage, but most of the maps are covered in hiding spots and cover so that you can avoid the ones that camp on the edges of the map. And hey, if one gets you, you can buy a rocket drone, fly over to him, and blow him out of his hiding hole.

Also, no hit-scan weapons. All of the guns fire projectiles, which means you have to lead your target at long range, but it also means sniper rifles can't instantly kill you without taking some time to aim.

Vehicles and drones are nicely rounded out as well, everything BUT the tank can be damaged by the LMG, and everything is weak against RPGs and rockets.

Besides that there's the usual grouping of perks that give you abilities and so on and so forth. They're limited, so there isn't one perk that will reign over the other ones or make you entirely unkillable.

I've mostly been talking about balance here, but there's only 8 maps, and two game modes: Team Deathmatch and Point Capture.

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