How To Have A Great Day!

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How To Have A Great Day!

Post by MightyWarriorEX » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:53 am

Here's how my great day started! How's your day going!?

I got out of bed this morning, had a hard time sleeping so I wont say I "woke up."

I have been making daily videos on youtube for over two weeks and haven't had a LOT of success. Which isn't a surprise to me, I really just want to document some of the things I do and interact with people through video. I skipped a couple days to consider if I should consider moving on and quiting due to videos that did terrible. I decided, "No, you really wanted to do this, so keep posting videos! Don't give up because it hasn't taken off like a rocket, everyone starts somewhere, you have to crawl before you walk... etc." Then I woke up to this:


Needless to say I was excited and surprised! My day is just getting started and I'm feeling at the top of the world. But, why did I get so many views on this random video. It's definitely not what I would consider my BEST video, and I didn't really do anything different to market it to anyone ...

Then I checked wolfire like I do on occasion in the morning. I remembered leaving a comment on the new video and decided to check youtube ... There it was. After leaving comments like this on random videos that I liked, someone actually "thumbs up-ed" my comment and people actually checked out my videos. I even have a few new subscribers!


The reason I'm posting this, is just to thank all of you who thumbs uped my comment, and watched my videos! It really made my day, which is really awesome considering just a day ago I was thinking of giving up on something I really wanted to do!

Also, I wanted to point this out to everyone who comes to this forum frequently, and remind you all how great a community the Wolfire forums are!

If anyone is interested in checking out what I'm doing here's a link:

So, What do you all do when you're down and not having a good day? This event really cheered me up, but sometimes I get in that "down mood" and I don't know how to snap out of it! What do you guys do to "Have A Great Day"?


My top comment has since been defeated by the other comment which are completely awesome. I have to agree, dismemberment would be awesome!

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