I AM NOT A CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I AM NOT A CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by MadCatMax » Wed Jan 09, 2013 6:22 pm

This video is a great example how easy for a man can loss himself in an narrative that does not just captivate the mind but possesses our hearts.

This film start off by the camera focused on a man tied to a chair in what I believe to be a doorway. The first question that go through my minds was, how did this man become trap and who would to trap him? Then a Caucasian male approaches that looks questionably similar to the captive, my immediate response was the producer shop for his/her actors at the same people factory. Then he said "So... are you ready to tell us what you are doing here clone" then I had two through

1. When he said "tell us" that lead me to believe that there is another person in the room that we cannot see...Maybe a phantom
2. I like his beard

Then the suspected clone claims that he is not clone, still no signs of the phantom. Then the hostage taker is anger by his response, and stated the timeless line " don't make me do this the hard way...so tell... why are you here... and who do you work for" and pulled out a handgun and pointed at the captive face ( I do not believe that it's safe to assume all clone are working for some evil villain). Captive attempts to discredit his adversary outlandish claims that he was a clone by applying the theory of Occam razor to situation. He used argument such as "am not your clone ... it so happen we look similar, coincidences happen, don't they . Which the gunman reply with this statement " NOT IN MY TOWN THEY DON'T, IN MY TOWN I KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT GOES DOWN, so you better start talking or I blow you head off... TELL WHO YOUR LEADER IS". I have hard time believe his statement due to the fact if he KNOWS EVERYTHING THAT GOES DOWN IN HIS TOWN he would know why the man was there and who sent him. The only way that it is possible that this man not lying is if he knew all the information he is try to get is already knowen and he just like to interrogate people. Then the gunman said" looks like we have to do this the hard way" and pistol whip the captive. The captive cry out " I have nothing to say ". Then the gunman said " that was your last chance, it looks like I have to give you another face tattoo...By face tattoo .. Am going to shoot you in the face" this is hands down the greatest line in cinematic history.

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