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Post by Noxid » Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:12 am

hello penguin is a game created by hello team the newest gameing making company of which I am one. in this game you interact with penguin in a many of different ways that explore the full range of human emotion. There are a number of different endings to unlock as well as secrets or "penguin-eggs" as it is known in the businss.

promo art:

a quote about hello penguin wrote:It’ll answer you’re deepest questions and quandries
It’s an introspective on the human condition
you’ll have fun, and feel a little bit scared
but it’s okay

because penguin is right beside you
for more information please visit http://noxid.ca/apppage.php?name=penguin
thank you for viewing my topic and please enjoy a penguin.

*promo image does not reflect in-game appearance

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