Pulse of Nature - Global Game Jam 2013

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Pulse of Nature - Global Game Jam 2013

Post by Aaron » Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:32 pm

Hey Wolfire community, I just had the chance to participate in my first game jam (Global Game Jam 2013, 48 hours long). It was a really fun and interesting experience - I would suggest anyone interested in getting into the games industry give it a shot.

Anyways, I figured it would be a good idea to post my project here - please feel free to leave feedback. I will be continuing some work on the project throughout the rest of the quarter, so if there are any features you would like to be added / modified, let me know!

[+] Read Me
/*********** Story ***********/

In Pulse of Nature, you play as Na, a monk who is training to control his heart rate through meditation. In order to prove his abilities, Na must complete a series of challenges in his own mind, wherein the rate of movement of certain objects is directly controlled by his heart rate.

/******** Installation *******/

Pulse of Nature requires Java to be installed (available at http://java.com/download ) to be played. If Java is installed, simply run the "pulse.jar" file to play. On Windows and OSX this can be done by simply double clicking the file - on Linux you may have to start the game from a terminal (with the command java -jar <path to pulse.jar>).

/********** Controls *********/

While Pulse of Nature was created with the intention of it being a two player game, it is possible to be played by one person.

Player 1 controls Na
A / Left Arrow: Move left
D / Right Arrow: Move right
Space: Jump

Player 2 controls Na's heart rate
Enter / Android tap: Heart beat

/********** Android **********/

Pulse of Nature contains support for player 2 to control Na's heart beats from an Android device instead of the keyboard. In order to connect an Android device, copy / install the "Pulseman.apk" file to an Android device and run the app. Enter the associated computer's IP address, click the "Connect Android Device" button in the (computer) game's menu, and click the "Connect" button on the app. If a connection is successfully made, the text in the game will change to "Connected to Device".

/********** Credits **********/

Pulse of Nature was created over a 48 hour period (as part of Global Game Jam 2013) by:

Aaron Jacobs
Christopher Wallis
Eric Cramer
Mike Sunson Wang

In addition, music was graciously composed by Eli Backer.

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