Humble PCGamingWiki Enhancement Initiative

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Humble PCGamingWiki Enhancement Initiative

Post by Cheeseness » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:20 am

Calling all indie game fans!

Following on from discussion of my recent Humble Bundle article, PCGamingWiki contributor Soeb and myself have launched a community campaign to research and centralise additional information about Humble Bundle titles.

We're asking gamers on all platforms to assist us in tasks like

* Creating pages for all Humble Bundle titles
* Listing per-platform release dates
* Listing which titles can be purchased post-bundle, and which platforms they're available for
* Listing official bug trackers and support contacts
* Listing release notes of post-bundle updates where available
* Listing known issues and workarounds
* Listing details on cross-platform compatibility

You can find our more details in my announcement post, and on Soeb's progress page.

This is a pretty exciting project with the potential to no only help out gamers who are looking for workarounds, but also to highlight that cross-platform consistency is valuable to gamers, and in some small way highlight games with "better" cross-platform support.

Tell your friends! :D

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