WORM - a violent superheroine feeds you wasps

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Re: WORM - a violent superheroine feeds you wasps

Post by Endoperez » Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:27 am


The story is almost over. If you start reading now, you will be able to say "I started reading it before it was finished". The main story will be finished next update, scheduled for... next Tuesday.

It is WORTH reading, it's so good. And bad, in the "world is ending, if you'd just work with me we might have a chance, it's all insane, oh no it got worse" kind of way. You really care about these characters, and it's not a nice world, so you care about them MORE, and... and...

Well. It's just good. It's also the length of about 3 LotR trilogies. It's still WORTH READING. It's so damn good. There's so much foreshadowing, very few empty promises, very few threads left hanging.

Also, since it's going to be finished soon, this might be the last time I bump this thread... so if you don't start reading it now, you might never do it. You don't want to miss this! so... give it a read.

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