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Rcommendation for material for learning opengl

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:21 pm
by entropyArchive
After research on the Directx and opengl(really just APIs in general), I came across some blog post by wolfire. And it was sort of a tipping point for me. So now I want to learn about(and be able to use) opengl. Now I am looking around for information on the opengl on While I am fine reading official documentation and man pages, a tutorial would be great. As far as background, I am a computer engineering college student. While I am most comfortable with C, I can pick up the basics of other languages with retaliative ease. And from what I read C should work fine. So any information or insight on opengl would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: words and things

I did manage to find a good answer on stock overflow for anyone else who is interested. ... 0-or-later
Also stumbled on a interesting project on github called craft.