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Over Growth Fanfiction: The Divide

Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2015 1:37 pm
by Dmaned11123
Hi guys! This is my first attempt at writing a fanfiction for anything so I’m going to try to make the chapters shorter (because while writing I sometimes go a little overboard). Enjoy! (By the way there will be small amounts of cussing where appropriate but nothing excessive)

Chapter 1
Journey was just a pack omega. He was young and ready to take the world by the neck but he was stupid… not stupid as in dimwitted, but rather, inexperienced and overconfident. Challenging the Alpha wolf may not have been the wisest decision as a young male. Right about now he was thinking it might as well have been a death sentence. He had lost… thoroughly. His shoulder was dislocated, he was bleeding from at least ten different gashes in his chest and abdominal fur, and he was alone... now without a pack. The Alpha male, Ferix, had only let him live so that he could feel the pain of being alone whilst slowly dying from starvation. His wounds would heal but not quickly enough to do him any good. Journey was a dead wolf walking and he knew it.
“Well, at least I made it out of the Pack lands” he said in a low exhausted voice as he looked up to stare at the immense sea of grass before him. He looked up and watched the vultures circling overhead waiting for him to die. Slowly, Journey stood and started walking into the endless field just as the sun was dipping below the horizon.

Chapter 2
When morning finally came Journey discovered something… that he was wrong, he defiantly wasn’t going to die of starvation. He was going to bleed out instead. He could already feel the loss of blood affecting his balance and progress. Although he didn’t quite know how far he had come, whenever he looked back he could see the path he had taken marked with blood. He could no longer see the forest that had been his home sense he was just a pup. It was probably better that way… he didn’t want to look at the place that had forsaken him. That’s not fair he thought to himself, I did this to myself. There no blame can be put upon their shoulders for my mistakes. Right as the sun hit the center of the sky Journey fell, unable to walk any further. With a sickening crack he landed on his dislocated shoulder and it snapped back into place. Journey had never experienced such pain in his entire life. The worst part was he was too exhausted to scream and all that escaped his mouth was the breath that he had taken before he fell. He laid there in pain for a few seconds staring at the sky and watching the vultures circling his soon to be corpse.
“Son of a bitch that hurt” he mumbled to himself. The last thing he saw was the slow decent of the vultures to the small hill that would be his final resting place.

Chapter 3
Lucky was an energetic rabbit. As fearless as he was enthusiastic about almost everything. At 2 and a half years old he was by far one of the most skilled students in his defense course, which was required to be taught to all of the young rabbits in the village. He learned so fast that he was even able to take some of the more advanced courses in self aid and survival, the knowledge from which he used every day when he went to gather wild roots and tubers to supplement his own diet. At an early age Lucky actually wasn’t considered to be very lucky. His father was a wandering nomad whom had left his mother shortly after she gave birth and about 2 months after his father’s disappearance his mother succumbed to an unknown disease along with 4 other rabbits in the village. Ever sense that day Lucky was on his own… no help was ever offered to him and with no other family that he knew of he became self-reliant. Due to this however, he never made any friends and he became generally anti-social. He gave back to the community, did his job, and studied hard. He contributed all of his successes in life to hard work and dedication. His life had been a living hell but goddammit he’d make the best of it! He looked toward the setting sun and walked toward his house past one of the town guards dutifully holding his spear.
“As always, if anyone attacks tonight I’ll help fight them off” he said to the guard with a grin on his face.
“Just go to bed Lucky. The guards can protect the town.” The guard replied. Lucky entered his house and locked the door behind him. Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to prove that I can fight more than just my classmates.

Chapter 4
When the sun came up the next morning Lucky was already up. The same guard from the previous night walked up to him, “What are you doing now Lucky?” he said with a questioning look on his face.
“I’m going out for the day” He replied, “figured I’d need at least the bare essentials. You know water, rope, a sandwi…”
“Aren’t you going to miss classes if you head out for the day?” the guard asked.
“Well, yes I suppose but I do well enough to miss one class wouldn’t you think?” Lucky said with a frown.
“I suppose so” came the reply, “but here if you’re going out for the day you might need this”. Lucky looked up to see the hilt of a dagger a few inches from his face. He carefully took the dagger and its sheath and tied it around his waist.
“Thank you” he said looking at the guard with sincere eyes. He paused, “Even though I see you every day I still don’t know your name.”
The guard looked at him and chuckled, “My names Henry nice of you to finally ask.”
After saying goodbye to Henry, Lucky set off through the rolling hills enjoying bouncing up and down, doing flips and generally practicing his acrobatics. He spotted and gathered a few edible plants as well as a few medicinal ones that he could sell back at the village. See this hasn’t been a waste of time! I’ve already made a profit. he was in the middle of harvesting some fresh blueberries went he noticed a few vultures slowly coming down towards him. He was confused… he certainly wasn’t dead. When he looked down his heart stopped. Lying about ten feet from him face up was a very large wolf.
Let me know if you guys like the story and ill be more inclined to take more time to write it! (because it is by no means finished) :D

Re: Over Growth Fanfiction: The Divide

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:08 pm
by Dmaned11123
Hey guys! So I have no idea whether or not you guys like it as no one has posted anything... I'll just say in my imagination that you guys liked it :lol: Anyway I had an idea! I thought that a reader should be able to name a character in the story! Send me a private message with the name, race, gender, and weapon of choice of your character and I'll choose one to put into the story!
Please do not send a background for your character as it would be very difficult to integrate a background into the main story. Also, any characters that are POSTED will be ignored (even if you sent me a private message for that character too) this is to make sure you don't spoil it for others :p. Third, mail me one character! Mailing multiple characters will make it so that none of them are selected. And finally, this competition ends after I post chapter eleven so please if you are reading this after I've posted chapter eleven don't send me characters.

Good luck!

Chapter 5
Lucky stood there paralyzed. Wolves were the death of any rabbit unfortunate enough to see one. Lucky threw himself down on the grass hoping that the wolf hadn’t seen him yet. Seconds passed then minutes. Lucky watched as the wolf laid there completely motionless he then realized something… vultures… Vultures don’t circle live things! Cautiously, Lucky started making his way towards the wolf. Despite, his earlier observation Lucky wasn’t about to become someone’s lunch because he made misread a situation. For all he knew this wolf was baiting him in for the kill. Slowly, Lucky inched closer to the wolf until he was mere feet away. The wolf still didn’t stir. At this point Lucky could clearly see why. There was a trail of blood leading from the direction the wolf came from, to the pool of blood he was laying in. Gashes were cut deep into its fur and the wolf lay at an odd angle, as if it was in great pain when it died. Lucky stood up fully now, more confident, shooing away the vultures that were trying to get to their meal.
“Not so tough now are you?” Lucky whispered at the creature, “Looks like you were put through hell before you finally kicked it… serves you right for all the rabbits you probably killed.” Lucky put his foot on the wolf’s chest as if to pose for the nonexistent audience, “How about this!” he yelled to the wind, “Am I strong enough to protect the village now!?”
He stopped and stood still letting the words carry across the fields and their slight echoes fill his ears. In this instant he was king of the plains and no one could tell him otherwise. He looked down at the corpse he was using as a prop and couldn’t help but notice the fur rise slightly. He concentrated on watching closer and this time felt the rise of the creature’s chest. Again fear took over Lucky’s mind. This wolf was still breathing and this posed a serious threat to Lucky. Lucky stumbled for the dagger and drew it from its sheath, taking a step back and pointing it at the wolf as if at any moment it was going to jump up and attack him. He stayed like that for thirty seconds before coming to his senses and remembering the wolf was still heavily wounded. Lucky took a step towards the wolf and knelt down next to it. The wolf was dying, there was no question in Lucky’s mind about that. He could just turn around and walk away, leaving the sad creature there for the vultures or… he looked at the dagger, they would brand him a hero for killing a wolf this close to the village! The wolf’s blood on the dagger would be all the proof he needed and if they still didn’t believe him, he could take them to the body. Lucky took the dagger in both hands and placed the tip on the wolf’s chest, right above where its heart was beating. He couldn’t believe his luck… he would be a hero and no one would ever doubt him again. Lucky closed his eyes and prepared to plunge the blade into the wolf’s chest. Just when Lucky was ready to end the wolf’s life, he made the mistake of taking one last look at the wolf. He was covered in gashes and wore a painful expression on his unconscious face. The wolf had seen hardship and its wounds were either self-inflicted or caused by others of its own kind. It was at that moment in Lucky’s life that he realized that he wasn’t the only one who had felt pain in his life, he wasn’t the only one to have suffered through despair. He looked on the wolf with pity then looked at the dagger pressed to his chest. Lucky resheathed his knife and took his pack off his back.
“I’m a godamned idiot for this.”

Chapter 6
The most peaceful part about knowing you’re going to die is the fact that it will be over soon. Knowing that the pain, both emotional and physical, that you felt in life will be removed by death. It becomes inevitable and so even the strongest of individuals eventually submit to it. The most surprising part about death is waking up and feeling that pain all over again when you thought it was over. That’s what Journey experienced when he awoke to find himself alive… the pain all over his body was intensified by the fact that he had pretty much burned through any remaining adrenaline attempting to stay awake before he had decided to let go. It was excruciating, each gash he had received felt like it had been reopened. The only comfort came when his other senses started to return. First his sight returned to him. He found himself looking up at a sky filled with stars. Had he not been in so much pain he would have marveled at the sight as in the forest it is nearly impossible to get a good view of the night sky. The third sense to return was his hearing. The crackle of a fire close by and the warmth that came with it slowly dawned upon him and he turned his head toward the sound. Sitting at the fire was a single rabbit, he had a pack sitting next to him, a dagger, at his side, and blood covering his forearms and chest. Journey watched the rabbit sitting there eating what Journey assumed to be a potato, under normal circumstances the rabbit would already be dead, a swift and easy meal for a wolf. These however, were not normal circumstances, Journey knew he could barely move at all let alone swiftly. As the thought finished Journey remembered all the events of the previous days and how he had given up on life. This rabbit must have, for some unexplainable reason, saved his life. Journey would have laughed had he had the energy to do so. Journey only managed to get out one word before passing out once again…

Chapter 7

Journey awoke once again, which still surprised him, just not as much the second time around. He struggled to sit up and finally managed to do so, he looked around at the makeshift campsite the strange rabbit had set up. The remains of the previous night’s fire sat smoldering in the middle of the campsite, there was a bedroll on the opposite side of the campsite where the rabbit had presumably slept (or not, knowing there was a wolf unconscious just feet away). As Journey continued to analyze the site he realized that the rabbit was absent. He attempted to get on his feet three times each slightly less painful than the last, before he finally managed it. He looked down at his freshly bandaged wounds and admired the work. The bandages were tied just tight enough to ensure the wounds would heal, but not too tight so they wouldn’t cut off circulation or cause discomfort. Why had the rabbit put so much work into helping a dying wolf? It made no sense at all... wolves ate rabbits… HE had eaten rabbits. After walking around and inspecting the camp a little more Journey sat down to ponder the question and rest his now aching wounds. As Journey was thinking it over, rabbit reappeared carrying a few fresh carrots and some blueberries, which he immediately dropped upon seeing the wolf sitting upright and in a different spot than he had spent the night. The rabbit slowly started backing away, clearly cautious as to what the wolf’s intentions were.
Journey decided to diffuse the situation… he didn’t mean the rabbit any harm yet, he did save his life after all, “So… you never answered my question…” Journey said trying to make his voice sound calm and nonthreatening.
The rabbit stopped his slow retreat and lowered his guard a bit, “You never gave me the chance to. You passed out right after asking.”
This little rabbit had guts, Journey had to admit; saving a wolf’s life, sticking around to see if it woke up, and then to talk to it when it was clearly able to move. “Fair enough… but I’m awake now, would you like to answer it now?”
“Well…” came the response, “truthfully I don’t really know myself. I just saw the shape that you were in and thought of the pain you were in…”
Journey looked at the rabbit… so that was it. This stupid rabbit was empathetic to a wolf, “You’re stupid” Journey said harshly, “you put yourself in a wolf’s shoes when you’re clearly not one.”
The rabbit looked at Journey with piercing eyes, “Yeah I’ve already come to that conclusion too. Had it not been for my stupidity last night you’d be a pile of flesh on the top of this hill and I’d be the hero who killed a wolf.” The rabbit looked down, “Don’t think I haven’t gone over it in my head a few times already… but don’t worry, my stupidity wont spread…”
“Oh? And why’s that?” Journey asked with a smile starting to creep on to his face. He liked this rabbit he was cheeky and brave. The rabbit actually reminded him of himself.
The rabbit looked at the ground and started to pick up the dropped carrots, “Because you’ll probably kill me by the time this is over. But it doesn’t matter because there’d be no one there to care that I was gone anyway. At least this way I can say that I did something with my life.”
That wiped the smile off of Journey’s face, “Well if it means anything, I’ve got no family either and I ain’t about to eat someone who saved my life, besides I’m not hungry anyways.” The last part was a blatant lie because he was starving but, it was true he didn’t want to kill the rabbit. “What’s your name?”
The rabbit looked up with a half surprised look on his face, “Uh… I’m Lucky…” he replied slightly confused.
Journey started with a smile on his face, “Lucky eh? Well Lucky, my names Journey and I was lucky you found my, would be, corpse yesterday.” And for the first time sense they’d met Journey saw the rabbit smile.

Re: Over Growth Fanfiction: The Divide

Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2015 11:21 pm
by Dmaned11123
I've been informed that the story has turned out a little... Dark so far... I am sorry to those that feel this way but I will inform you that I am just setting up the characters backstories a bit. I am by no means :twisted: (evil) nor am I a sociopath... (well maybe :p). Still enjoy the read! It may be slow at first but hey, aren't all good books?
Chapter 8
Lucky didn’t trust the wolf. He had saved his life but Lucky didn’t think that would matter when it got hungry. He had an idea as to why but didn’t really know why he’d saved the dying creature, he just… had. After going through nearly all of his medicinal herbs and using all of his bandages (which should have lasted him for a year) he had finally stopped the bleeding. Only after he had saved the wolf did it dawn on Lucky, how incredibly insane he was. It didn’t matter know though. After talking to the wolf he felt little better about his predicament. Journey, whom the wolf introduced himself to be, had ensured him that he wouldn’t kill him, Lucky didn’t trust that at all. A wolf could snap a rabbit’s neck without even exerting much effort and that mouth could literally take Lucky’s head clean off his body. Journey could obviously move because he was sitting in a completely different spot than where he was when Lucky had left that morning.
“So what are you having for breakfast there?” Journey asked.
“Just a few carrots and some berries. Do you want any?” Lucky immediately realized how stupid the question was.
Journey responded anyway, “No thanks I don’t do berries or carrots very well but, do you have any water?”
Lucky reached into his bag and pulled out his canteen. He unscrewed the cap and took a drink from it before tossing it to the wolf who caught it and proceeded to down the rest. “Well you were thirsty” Lucky said as the Journey tossed the empty canteen back to him.
“Yeah I guess nearly dying and loosing that much blood does that to you” the wolf responded with a smile of razor sharp teeth, “do you know where I can get any more?”
Lucky pointed down the hill, “There’s a small pond down there where the grass starts to get tall. Just boil the water first it’s pretty stagnant.”
“Good…” the wolf sat there for a second before slowly getting up, “any fish in the pond?”
Lucky looked up from the carrot he was eating, “No, there’s no fish there… it’s too small for anything bigger that a few minnows. Why do you ask?”
Journey looked at him and smiled, “Well I have to eat something don’t I, and sense it’s not going to be you I have to compromise.”
Just then Lucky remembered going to that pond the previous summer and catching frogs with his class, “There’s frogs there. Would that work?”
“Well I guess it’s going to have to now, isn’t it?” he said as he started to slowly limp down the hill. Lucky watched him walk slowly down the hill, almost tripping several times before he made it to the bottom.
“Hey!” Lucky shouted down to him, “I guess I’ll come help you sense you’re not catching anything if you move that slow.”
The wolf turned around as Lucky was heading down the hill (at about ten times the speed the wolf had made the decent), “I don’t need any more of your help I can at the very least feed myself.”
Lucky followed anyway and watched the wolf flail about trying to catch the ever elusive frogs. It was almost noon when the wolf finally gave up his hopeless quest and sat down on the nearest rock. Lucky got off the rock he had been observing from and picked up one of the sticks he had been sharpening with his dagger. The wolf had always tried to rely on brute force and persistence to snag a frog… and had walked away with nothing to show for his work. Lucky crept up to one of the frogs that hadn’t been scared into the water and speared it with the stick. He hated to see the frog die because rabbits weren’t usually killers, but it was necessary at this point. He took the frog off the stick and tossed it to the wolf, who was now watching him intently, then turned around and went back to find another. It was going to be tough to find enough frogs to feed this wolf but maybe he’d learn how to do it himself in time.

Chapter 9
Frogs were leathery… and slimy. At this point though it tasted like a freshly killed ra… scratch that thought. Point was, to Journey, the frog that the rabbit had skewered, was possibly the best thing he had ever tasted. He was slightly enraged by the fact that he couldn’t hunt for himself and it only made it worse when he put it with the fact that he was relying on a rabbit to feed him. The rabbit was clever… stupid… but clever. He had fashioned a sharp stick so he didn’t need to get so close to the frogs. He would have to try that next time he came here. Lucky obviously didn’t trust him yet, he always kept Journey in his field of vision. That was reasonable, he was a wolf after all and wolves generally killed and ate rabbits, but Journey couldn’t help but feel slightly upset. He hadn’t made any sudden movements (even though he could start to feel his body recovering), he had made it a point to never accidentally surprise the rabbit, and he had explicitly told him several times that he would not eat him. Still it didn’t seem to matter and Lucky remained as cautious as ever. For now Journey would just have to focus on his meal of frogs. After the thirteenth frog Journey said that he’d had enough and thanked Lucky for the meal. After Lucky had refilled his canteen they both headed back up the hill toward the campsite. Surprisingly the little rabbit looked tired from his day of frog catching. Even more surprising was the fact that he had seemed to have forgotten his caution walking up the hill only about three feet away from him. Let’s try a different tactic he thought quickly as he timed the rabbit’s steps.
As the rabbit hit his fourth step Journey grabbed him by the shoulders and picked him up off the ground in one motion. Lucky tried as hard as he could to dislodge himself from the wolf’s grip but managed only to exhaust himself. Still facing away as it would have been stupid to turn the rabbit around and expose himself to its powerful legs Journey spoke to him, “Lucky, I did this to get my point across. All it would take right now is for me to bite into your neck and you’d be dead” Lucky had started to sob, “and this is me showing you that I do not intend to do that” He set lucky back on the ground and the rabbit immediately collapsed to his knees. Journey realized that he might have overdone it a little bit… for a rabbit to be in the position that Journey had put Lucky in was certain death. When Lucky had struggled so violently, Journey should have realized that the rabbit was basically fighting for his life… he might as well have been going through his death throes.
He sat down next to the still sobbing rabbit, “I’m sorry… I didn’t think what I just did through. I just thought that if I somehow showed you that I wasn’t going to hurt you…” his voice drifted off.
They sat there for a long while, until the moon was just peaking its head above the horizon. Lucky stood up next to him and started walking back to the campsite, “Come on… I’ve decided to believe you, because your right any other wolf would have killed me right there.”
Journey slowly got up and walked after his new friend and experienced something he never thought he would. He wished for the first time that he hadn’t scared a rabbit half to death.

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Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 8:12 pm
by Dmaned11123
Hey guys! I appreciate all the views! I've decided to leave the character creation contest open to everyone past chapter 11 even though someone did contribute a character idea (no spoilers for you though)! Remember to still follow the rules above though, we don't want to be giving away any spoilers :lol: . You guys are great and I hope that you're all enjoying the story so far! Don't be afraid to leave a post; ask a question, make a comment, ect. OH! one last thing, I believe chapter 10 is the most depressing chapter I've PLANNED on writing... that could change though xD.

Chapter 10
The night was quiet, with only the crackling of the fire to provide any sort of comfort to the strange duo. Journey still deeply regretted his decision to be so direct with Lucky. The poor rabbit was still quite obviously in great emotional turmoil. Had Journey just waited until they were back at camp to mention that the rabbit was within arm’s reach, it would have accomplished the same goal without putting Lucky in a life or death struggle. It appeared as if Lucky didn’t care about how close he got to him anymore.
They both sat at the fire opposite each other and it caught Journey off guard when Lucky spoke. “Do you know why I saved you the other day?” he said still staring deeply into the crackling embers.
Journey looked up at him, “No… I haven’t figured it out yet…” Journey answered honestly.
There was a long pause while the rabbit sat there thinking, “There were two possible outcomes of saving you. The first was that you would be unconscious when I left and you would feel kindness that you could never fully repay. I would have helped you and my life would have actually had a purpose. The second, and most likely outcome, was that you would kill me and I would finally escape from this hell hole I call a life…”
Journey was taken aback. Did this poor creature actually want to die? “What are you saying!? Are you telling me that you saved my life because you thought if you did I would kill you!?”
“Well…” came the slow response, “like I said… to me there were two options; either give my life some meaning or end it… I go around my village every day, I go to class, excel, forage, and for what!? So I can be told that I’m not good enough to help protect the people that loath me! So I can get up and do the same thing day after day until I curl up in a ball and die somewhere!” Journey could tell the rabbit had been holding this in for some time and needed to get it off his chest, “You know what? Right before I found you was the first time in my life that someone cared enough about me to give me something out of the kindness of their heart!” Lucky had started to sob again as he unsheathed his dagger, “This dagger was the first thing anyone had ever given to me…”
Never before had Journey looked upon another creature with so much sorrow. This rabbit had lived his entire life knowing that no one gave a shit about him. At least his life had held meaning in his former pack. “Well you obviously overlooked a consequence of saving me.”
Lucky looked up at Journey, turning his gaze away from the fire, “And what would that be?”
Journey smiled, “Did you ever imagine that you’d be having a friendly conversation with a wolf?”
“Never even considered it a possibility.”
And, for the second time since he had met the rabbit, Lucky smiled.

Chapter 11
The next few days that Lucky spent with the wolf went by without incident. They were actually quite fun! Lucky enjoyed teaching Journey how to hunt frogs for himself and teaching him basic plains survival skills. He tried to teach him the skills that would specifically pertained to a wolf but Journey insisted that that Lucky teach him all of the gathering techniques as well. He told Lucky that if their roles were ever switched, he’d need to take care of Lucky and himself and would need to know where to find food for Lucky. Lucky taught the wolf all he could in the four days it took Journey to heal to the point of being able to take care of himself. Lucky had been away from the village for long enough. They’d soon send out a search party, if they hadn’t already, to try to figure out what happened to him. That was the last thing Lucky wanted, for his wolf friend to be discovered and killed by the village guard. They wouldn’t care about how Lucky had survived nearly a week alone with a wolf, they would kill Journey because of the threat he presented.
The morning of the fifth day Lucky finally brought the matter up with Journey, “… That’s why I have to go back today. Are you going to be alright here by yourself?” Lucky finished.
“I’ll be fine! You’ve taught me how to hunt frogs and make a fire along with one thousand other things I might need to know how to do. I’ll just make sure to stay out of sight of any rabbits that wander through the area.” Journey responded.
Lucky smiled, “Well there shouldn’t be many rabbits from the village this far out, but that’s a good idea.”
The wolf smiled back, “And even if I see any I’ll make sure not to eat them, even if the frogs are a bit slimy.” This form of humor had become common among the pair over the previous days. Lucky reasoned that it was due to the fact that the wolf was trying to be funny and also trying not to offend him. Lucky truthfully didn’t care if it was offensive because it was actually starting to become funny.
“Alright then, I’ll visit again soon, hopefully with some fish from the village pond. We never eat any but we trade the few we catch to the dog traders that stop to sell their wares.”
After saying goodbye Lucky headed back towards the village. On the way back he picked up a few carrots and a handful of raspberries, noting the ripeness of the small fruits as he walked. They would be a good dessert after he had eaten the carrots. Finally, just as the sunset was painting the horizon gold and pink, he saw his village in the distance and a figure running out to greet him. As the figure drew closer he recognized it as the Henry the Guard that had given him the dagger days before. He waved as Henry approached.
“I was starting to think you were dead! I thought you said you were only going out for the day!? Where have you been?”
Lucky vaguely remembered saying something like that, “I just got caught up in uh…” Lucky struggled for words, “enjoying the vastness of the plains and I lost my bearings.”
From the look on his face it was clear Henry didn’t believe him, “So you’re trying to tell me that one of the best survival students that this village has seen, lost his bearings… for five days… and just so happened to make it back to the village… from the same direction he left in?”
Damn, Lucky should have thought to come back from a different direction, “Yup, had to circle back around a few times to find my trail kinda stupid huh?”
Henry’s face softened, “No… I’m sorry, even the best trackers can get lost if they don’t pay attention to their surroundings. Hey, I’m just happy you’re back! Rumors were already starting to go around about how you might have died and we literally just got back from the search we did for you. I’m surprised we didn’t find you on your way back.”
“Sorry for all the trouble I really didn’t mean to be gone this long.” Lucky said with a frown. They had sent a search party out to look for him… or at the very least to find out what happened to him.
“No problem man, like I said everyone’s going to be happy your back.” Henry was either happy to see that he was alive or just happy to see that there was nothing that posed a serious threat to the village. Either way he was happy to see Lucky. Henry informed him about the things that he had missed during his 5 day hiatus. There was a small incident where a fire in someone’s house had gotten slightly out of control and charred a few of the walls on the inside, thankfully it didn’t spread. There were a few guards caught napping on duty who were then forced to redo some of their training. Finally, a dog caravan had arrived earlier today and the merchants had weapons and other necessary commodities that the village couldn’t produce for itself. The merchant’s themselves were well behaved. Their wares were slightly overpriced, but otherwise they treated everyone fair. The only problem arose when the few dog bodyguards started causing a bit of trouble. They had apparently taken a fish from someone who was attempting to get enough to trade for a beaded necklace but the individual didn’t want to cause an incident over one fish and so he left it alone. The merchants had apologized to the rabbit on behalf of their guards, citing that they hadn’t planned well and had been on half rations for the past week.
Lucky left Henry to continue his patrol and Lucky walked the rest of the way to his house alone. He opened the door and went to ignite the long burnt out coals that sat, cold in his fireplace. He’d had a good day, tomorrow he’d start stockpiling fish to bring back to Journey, he might even trade the merchants for any spices they had. He was sure that frogs had to be getting old after five days.

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Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:43 am
by Dmaned11123
Sorry guys I've been studying for tests for the last few days. I wrote an extra chapter to help make up for it.

Chapter 12
Lucky didn’t have a fishing pole. Only a few rabbits considered fishing to be a sport and therefore very few had any gear specifically related to fishing. Usually, fish were just salted and dried over an open fire to preserve them a few days before any expected dog caravan arrived. As Lucky almost always traded the dogs for something new, he had actually done this a few times after spearing a few fish, so he figured that doing it on a larger scale wouldn’t necessarily be all that more difficult. He took the short spear, which was really not much more than a sharpened stick, off the wall. He had made the weapon a while back during one of his wilderness survival courses. It was supposed to be used to deter bandits and thieves but it had proved to be a good tool to acquire a few fish. Truthfully it was the only thing it was used for as it wasn’t practical to be carrying a two handed weapon while trying to forage. As Lucky closed the door behind him he squinted in the sunlight. He might have slept in slightly. It looked like it was a little before noon and the village was already busy. The main attraction today was the stands that the merchants had set up to sell their wares. All of the rabbits in town seemed to be either browsing, bartering, or buying something. Lucky looked to the village pond which was nearly void of rabbits as everyone was too busy looking over the dogs’ items to care about fishing. The dogs would be gone before anyone had caught enough to trade for anything good. Lucky was pleased, that just meant there would be more fish for him to catch.
The fishing was going well. Despite his lack of proper equipment he had actually managed to spear eight fish in around three hours of fishing and shockingly, they were all a decent size! He would catch just one more to trade for a few spices to prepare the rest with. He concentrated as a large fish swam into view. After using almost the exact same skills while frog hunting for 5 days, he was actually getting good at catching things this way. He waited patiently for the fish to swim closer. He watched as it slowly crept closer to the bread he’d placed in the water. With one swift movement he plunged the spear into the water and when he pulled it back up, there was a skewered and still squirming fish attached to it.
“Nice catch.” He turned around to see a large muscular dog sitting behind him enjoying one of the fish that he’d caught.
Lucky was slightly outraged. This dog had just taken one of his fish that he’d worked three hours to catch, “Excuse me, I was going to trade that to get a few spices.”
“Oh is that so?” came the response, “Unfortunately for you I don’t think they trade in half eaten fish.”
“Well it’s funny” Lucky sad starting to get a little irritated, “because it wasn’t half eaten when I pulled it from the water.”
“Strange… well I don’t suppose that you could just catch another one either could you?” the dog asked in a mocking voice.
“I’ve been here for three hours I don’t want to stand here for twenty minutes to catch another fish.” Lucky responded trying to keep a cool head.
The dog paused his chewing for a second and stood up. He was nearly as tall as Journey had been, “Well maybe I can help.” He said as he kicked Lucky straight in the chest, knocking the breath out of him and throwing him back into the water. “There now you don’t have to stand there anymore.” He then picked up two more fish from the basket that Lucky had been putting them in and walked away.
Lucky slowly tried to stand. It hurt like hell and he figured that the dog had probably cracked one or more of his ribs with the kick. Leaving the remaining fish where they were he hobbled to the small clinic where the village healer was usually working. When he reached the clinic he was immediately laid on a bed and checked over by the healer.
After a long while of painful prodding and examining by the healer she stopped and sighed, “Well, nothing is broke, I don’t really know how, it looks like you jumped off a house and landed on your chest. At the very least you won’t be able to move much for a few days because of the pain. How did this happen?”
“Took a kick to the chest from one of those damned dogs.” Lucky responded painfully.
“Well you’re lucky. A kick from a dog or wolf could kill any rabbit. This will have to be reported to the guards, this is unacceptable.” The healer had started rambling to herself. After about five minutes she turned back to Lucky, “I’m going to inform the Chief of the Guard of this incident. Here’s something for the pain I’ll be back in a bit.”
She gave him a strange mashed up substance mixed with water and got up. Lucky watched her grab her staff and walk out the door and locked it behind her. He felt the pain slowly slipping away and with it his consciousness.

Chapter 13
Lucky awoke to pure darkness. His chest and arms were both in extreme amounts of pain. He looked around the room and tried to remember what had happened. He’d been fishing and one of the dog body guards had come over, taken his food and hurt him… Then he’d come to the healer’s house who’d given him something to help with the pain. He looked around the cold, empty house. The fire was out and it was freezing, how long had he been out? He painfully got to his feet. Every bone in his upper body screamed at him simultaneously to lay back down. Lucky ignored the pain as much as possible. He limped over to the door and was about to open it when he heard voices on the other side.
“He’s the o… who might put two and…tog…, we can’t not do … Garth!”
“I’m just sa… that maybe he … ber it.”
The voices were muffled through the door, Lucky put his ear up against it.
“I don’t care what you think. If he figures it out before we leave we’re all dead because I ain’t about to confess to these stupid rabbits.”
“Why’d you have to go kill the old hare anyway stupid? We wouldn’t even be in this mess if you hadn’t…” the one who was speaking was cut off as Lucky heard the sound of a slap.
“Don’t talk so loud you idiot someone might hear ya! Now let’s go in here, kill the rabbit and leave tomorrow before anyone can figure it out.”
With that last sentence Lucky finally figured out that they were talking about him! One of the voices outside was the dog that had kicked him earlier that day. These two dogs had killed the healer on her way to tell the guards what had happened. Worse than that, they were coming to kill him so that he wouldn’t be able to incriminate them when the body was discovered!
The door rattled as they tried to open it, “It’s locked Hrath. Did you grab the key off her corpse?”
“Idiot go get the fuckin key. I’ll stand here and make sure no-one leaves.”
Lucky heard heavy footsteps slowly fading. He had to think fast, if he wasn’t gone by the time the dog was back he was as good as dead. He desperately looked around the small house. No windows no back entrances, no way to get out save the door that was guarded by a killer dog. Lucky shivered and looked down at the earthen floor. It was hopeless, he was trapped. Just then a thought hit him. He was cold, it mustn’t been that long since the healer had left the house; long enough for her to get murdered, but certainly not long enough for the room to get as cold as it had. He walked over to the fireplace and felt a strong draft of cold air coming into the room. The dogs would be back at any time now if he was going to do this he had to do it now.
(Five minutes later)
Lucky heard the door unlock and shivered slightly as it slowly creaked opened. Large footfalls echoed in the small room. “Where the hell’d he go!” one of the dogs growled.
There was more searching and rummaging through any hiding spots that they thought that he could have possibly hid in. “He’s gone! He must have gotten out before we came here! Listen to me, we’re going to scour this town until we find him. If you find him kill him quietly and leave his body somewhere no one will find it. Do you understand?”
“Absolutely, Hrath. You’re the boss.”
“Good, I’ll take one side of the vill…” their voices faded as they walked out of the house.
Lucky dropped down from his hiding spot on to his knees, he was covered in ash and soot. He had done all that he could do to keep his injured body from giving up on life and releasing his hold on the inside of the chimney. A few days ago he would have actually considered letting the dogs kill him, but now he feared the thought of dying, especially right as his life started to matter. He’d be damned if he was going to give up just as his life was turning around. He got off his knees and made his way to the door. There was no one outside, he stepped outside and worked his way along the edge of the houses until he was almost to the edge of the village. He would have to limp a long ways until he was out of sight. Summoning all of the adrenaline still left in his body he started his painful run away from the village, noticing, but not really caring, that he’d cut himself on one of the buildings as he passed by. He was almost out of site from the village as the adrenaline ran out and the pain flooded back into his body forcing his to slow to a fast-ish walk. He had made it out of the village alive. He would head back to Journey and rest for a few days, then head back to the village after the dogs had left. It wouldn’t bring justice to the murdered healer’s killed… what was his name… Hrath? But, it would preserve his own life and ensure that the same thing never happened again. He had been walking until the sun was about to touch the horizon, “I’m almost there… I can rest when I get there…” he whispered to himself each step.
Midway through his next step, he was abruptly shoved to the ground. After he had gotten over the initial shock of his face hitting the dirt he turned around so he was on his back. To his horror, standing over him was Hrath.
“What’s the matter” Hrath snickered, “do you have a cut? It made you a little easier to track, but it was still a bitch, so I’m going to enjoy killing you instead of just finishing you quickly.”
He took his broadsword off his back and embedded it into the ground next to Lucky before picking him up and throwing him across the ground. Lucky was too tired and hurt to even attempt to fight back, he had failed. He closed his eyes as he saw the dog walk back into his view.

Chapter 14
Journey was getting tired of frogs. He had never hated a type of meat so much in his entire life. They were fine in small snack like portions, but when you tried to make a meal of them they were unbearable toward the end. Still he continued to eat them. They were a steady supply of fresh meat and they were keeping him alive. Journey just hoped that Lucky got back with some fish soon, he really needed to taste something other than frog. It had been a few days since the rabbit had left him to fend for himself. In that time Journey had perfected the art of spearing frogs and making the spears to do so. He’d also been able to tidy up this campsite a bit by burning his old bandages and generally cleaning up the trash that had been scattered around the hilltop. He was actually healing up nicely, he still had a few cuts that would bleed every once and a while but none that caused him any major concern. He had attempted to improve his foraging skills the day before but had failed horribly at identifying anything other than a carrot, which he put away for Lucky when he got back. He scouted the area at night and had found the village that Lucky lived in. He stayed well out of sight and after about an hour of watching the rabbits move about their village decided that he wouldn’t risk being spotted just so he had something to do. He wouldn’t go back to the village unless Lucky didn’t come back for a few more days.
Journey actually found himself concerned that the rabbit hadn’t returned. It may have been boredom though, as the days were extremely boring after he’d finished all of the activities on his self-made to-do list. He looked up at the night sky. It was peaceful here, and thankfully for him his nights were spent gazing at this spectacular view. Every night was a blessing to him… he yawned… all thanks to a rabbit. He drifted off to sleep with Mother Nature painting a master piece above him.
He woke up abruptly… he sat there listening and observing. Everything was quiet, the moon hadn’t set yet but the sun was just beyond the horizon. He was hungry, maybe that was what had woken him up. He took a deep breath sat up and started to sigh before stopping dead. He smelled blood… that’s why he had woken. He quietly got up and crept through the grass towards the smell. He was getting close. Journey heard something in front of him hit the ground hard and picked up the pace a little. As he reached the edge of the grass he saw a large dog holding a rabbit by the neck and punching him repeatedly in the stomach. Journey concentrated and realized the rabbit was Lucky! The dog bit Lucky’s arm and blood poured from the wound. Immediately Journey leapt to his feet in a rage and charged the dog. Right as he landed a punch to the hound’s face, the dog dropped Lucky face first onto the ground. The punch knocked the dog onto his back completely stunning him and before he even had time to think about how to react Journey was on top of him. Journey beat the dogs face in until both eyes were swollen shut. After he could tell the dog had given up trying to fight back he picked it up by its’ head. When the dog was standing up Journey took hold of its neck and brought a devastating kick down on the creature’s knee.
He threw the dog, now screaming in pain, on to the ground, “Don’t move” Journey growled, “or I’ll make you’re death a lot more painful that it is right now.”
He ran back to the pile of fur and blood on the ground that was his friend, “Lucky…” he said gently as he rolled the poor creature on his back. The rabbit was unconscious, but breathing. He had gashes in several places, his breathing was labored and he had a deep bite wound around his arm. Journey quickly bandaged the bite that the dog had inflicted and gently laid Lucky on more even ground. He got up and started walking back to the dog that was still writhing in pain on the ground.
Technically the dog was moving…

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by Phoenixwarrior141
Dmaned11123 wrote:I've been informed that the story has turned out a little... Dark so far... I am sorry to those that feel this way but I will inform you that I am just setting up the characters backstories a bit. I am by no means :twisted: (evil) nor am I a sociopath... (well maybe :p).
This. Fucking. Forum,

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by rodeje25
I dropped a tear when reading chapter 10

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by Dmaned11123
Hey guys! I really appreciate you're comments and messages! I was actually beginning to think that no one read the story :lol: I'll tell you what it made me feel great to find out that I was wrong and that you guys actually liked the story T_T rodeje25 I like your idea about making the story "Real" in some way and after I finish it I'll make sure I polish it up and see what I can do. Oh and Phoenixwarrior141 thank you for posting! You were the first reply I've gotten! Anyway, here's two more chapters for you guys!

Chapter 15
By the time that Journey was finished the dog was pleading for his own death, which Journey took relish in giving him. The area immediately surrounding the dog’s corpse was soaked with blood and gore. Journey walked back to Lucky, still unconscious on the ground. The rabbit’s breathing was still strained and the bandage on his arm was soaked with blood. Journey knew he couldn’t heal Lucky. The wounds that the rabbit had suffered were well beyond his limited experience in medicine. He slowly picked up his dying friend and started running towards the rabbit village. He didn’t care that they might kill him, as long as they might be able to help Lucky.
Journey could feel Lucky’s life slowly draining away. The rabbits breathing was slowed and he had become totally unresponsive. He was a mere two hundred yards from the village when one of the guards finally spotted him. Within seconds four more guards, all armed with spears came charging out to meet him.
Journey knew he wouldn’t be able to get passed the armed guards if he chose to fight. He thought fast, “Help!” Journey screamed at the guards, “He needs help!”
The guards surrounded Journey and lowered their spears. One of the guards spoke out, “What have you done to him!”
“I will explain everything soon but you have to get him to help now because he’s dying!” Journey set Lucky down and backed away from him.
Two of the guards broke formation to drag Lucky out of the way, “Oh shit its Lucky! Quick he’s still breathing Tony, Carla take him to the village and get him help now. You to stay in formation with me.” The two rabbits picked up and started carrying Lucky toward the village.
“I want to make sure he’s ok, there was a dog that was attacking him.” Journey said trying to ignore the spear points.
“That seems like a bold face lie given your current state.” The leader exclaimed. Journey looked down at himself, he was covered from head to toe in blood. He must have been a terrifying sight. “Give me one reason not to kill you where you stand wolf!”
“I didn’t hurt him.” Journey said as calmly as he could, “In fact, I saved him from the dog trying to kill him!”
The main guard lowered his spear for a moment, then quickly regained his composure. By this point three more guards had come out to help, “Chet, go take a head count of all of the dogs in the village right now. Ok wolf, you bought yourself more time to explain why my friend is dying and our main healer is dead.”
Journey was shocked to find out that the village’s healer was dead, “Well do you have another healer?”
“Of course we do! You should really explain yourself better because when Chet gets back, if I’m not convinced that you saved him, then you die right here.”
Journey would have to start from the beginning if he wanted to walk out of this alive.
“Your friend saved my life…”

Chapter 16
By the time Chet got back and informed main guard that there was indeed a guard dog missing, Journey had already told him almost everything.
“If what you’re saying is true, then there will be major consequences for the dog caravan and its guards. The only way we’ll know the truth is if Lucky survives, therefore…” he raised his voice to address the other guards, “no one, under any circumstances, is to talk to anyone about this incident. If the dogs really do have it in them to murder rabbits, they might go after Lucky for knowing too much. And you” he addressed Journey, “are going to stay here under guard until Lucky wakes up… if he doesn’t then you will stand trial for his murder along with the dogs.”
Journey sat down and looked at the group of rabbits surrounding him right now. Any other time he’d have been worried about his own life, but right now he didn’t care, because he had gotten his friend to help… that was all that mattered at this point. “So…” he started, “it seems like I’m going to be sitting here for a while then…”
The guard sat down, still pointing his spear at Journey, “Well as long as we sit here it means that Lucky’s still alive so I could sit here all day.”
Journey sighed, “What’s your name rabbit?”
The guard looked confused and a little disgusted with the question, “Why would you care? Are you so sick and twisted that you ask rabbits about themselves before trying to kill them?”
“I made a promise that I wouldn’t kill any rabbits from the village and I don’t care yet, but I’m attempting to, so why don’t you humor me?”
There was a long pause. “My name’s Henry and that broken rabbit you brought here is named Lucky... I knew I should’ve given him something bigger than a dagger…”
Journey looked up and studied the rabbit, “You gave him what???”
“I gave him a dagger before he left the village a few days back… thought he might need it but now I’m kicking myself for being right.”
Journey remembered back to when Lucky had spoken about his life and sighed, “Don’t beat yourself up about only giving him a dagger goddammit… He told me about it and how it was the only thing that anyone had ever given to him… it meant a lot to him.”
Henry looked at Journey with surprised eyes, “The only thing? That seems a bit extreme don’t you think?”
“You tell me… after he saved me he told me that one of the reasons he saved my life was the fact that I was probably going to kill him.” Journey looked down, “Lucky was damn near suicidal when I met him so by giving him a gift you saved his life and probably mine too.”
Henry set his spear on the ground next to him, “I have no reason to trust you yet Journey. But, you brought back my dying friend and agreed to sit here until he wakes up to confirm your story, so you’ve earned my respect at the very least.”
Journey, Henry, and the rest of the guards sat there chatting until the moon was high in the sky. The conversation was interrupted by a low growl coming from Journey’s stomach. The conversation quieted at the sound.
Journey felt slightly embarrassed. These rabbits had learned to fear hungry wolves, “Sorry, I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon.”
Henry broke the awkward silence, “What have you been eating all this time anyway?”
“Well…” Journey responded, “Lucky actually taught me how to catch frogs. He said that he was going to bring me back some fish from your village pond.”
Another one of the guards spoke up, “That might explain the basket and the fish we found by the pond. Maybe the dogs jumped him for his fish?”
Henry was the one to figure it out, “Yeah, they must’ve injured him and taken his fish. When he went to the healer she inevitably went to tell the Chief of the Guard about the incident. And the dogs, knowing that Lucky must have gone to the healer’s house, went there to make sure he wouldn’t squeal on them. They must’ve ran into the healer on their way and killed her!”
The other guard looked confused, “So… if Lucky was so injured… how’d he get away from the dogs?”
Henry took a few seconds to think it out clearly. “Well, he either tricked the dogs or one of them carried him out of the village to a place where his body wouldn’t be found to kill him.”
“Well if there are more dogs involved in the attempt on my friend’s life, then they deserve to die like their brother did.” Journey’s statement made the conversation cease.
“How exactly did this dog die” Henry asked cautiously.
Journey chuckled slightly, “How do you think it ended?” He asked as he motioned Henry to look at the dried blood that coated his fur, “I wanted to make him hate himself for making the decision to harm Lucky. After I had accomplished that, I waited until he begged for his own death. He deserved everything that happened to him.”
The group was quiet for a long while before Henry again broke the silence, “What of his body?”
“I left it there for the vultures. No need to waste more time on him when I needed to get Lucky here.” Journey said looking up at the night sky.
Henry stood up using his spear to make the motion easier, “Well let’s all go and see. It might help prove your case.”
Journey hadn’t thought of that. This rabbit was clever, “Alright, we can go but you might not want to eat on the way there… no point in heaving it back up. Follow me.”
And with that the group set off. Six armed rabbits and a wolf painted with blood.

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by Dmaned11123
Hey guys sorry for the delay. I took the time to type a bit even though I have a Cell Bio exam tomorrow morning. The writing should pick up for a while after tomorrow.


Chapter 17
It took the rest of the night for the small group to reach the dog’s corpse. They arrived as the clouds over the horizon were painted yellows and oranges by the sun’s rays. No one got to enjoy the view though, as a few of the guards threw up what little they had in their stomachs upon sight of the carnage. The entire area was covered with blood and body parts, some identifiable, others not in the slightest. Large chunks of flesh were strewn about the body and the dog’s innards laid in a pile on the ground yet were still attached to his body.
“Well, good to see my work went unappreciated…” Journey said as he re-approached the mess, “The vultures haven’t even found it yet.”
The comment was closely followed by the sound of dry heaving from one of the guards. The dog’s corpse was covered in wounds that wouldn’t have been immediately lethal. There were too many wounds to identify each individually, but of all of the injuries that were inflicted, only one fell in a spot that was lethal. One large bite wound located on the dog’s swollen neck marked the spot Journey had chosen to end its life.
Much to the rabbits’ reliefs Journey suggested that they come take a look at the camp that he and Lucky had set up. They guards, still weary from their gore filled encounter, began inspecting the camp. Journey took this opportunity to wash off the blood that was caked onto his fur. He never liked the idea of sociopathic wolves who bathed in their enemy’s blood, as it was generally frowned upon by wolf culture. Generally… that’s not to say it never happened. There were wolves that killed to live and then there were those that killed for pleasure. Fortunately enough, Journey had been raise to respect the idea of his next meal… he still relished in the thrill of the hunt, but he didn’t just kill to kill.
After ten minutes of inspecting the area Henry walked up to Journey holding something in his hands, “I’m beginning to believe you’re story wolf… I found this a short distance away from where you killed the dog.” He tossed him Lucky’s dagger, “He must’ve lost it before he had a chance to fight back because there’s not much blood over there.”
Journey looked at the dagger. There was no blood on it, “Lucky wouldn’t leave this lying in the middle of nowhere.”
“I know, we should get back to the village before the dogs there try to do anything stupid.” And with that the strange group started back to the village.

Chapter 18
Lucky awoke to the sound of shouting and arguing. “Do you think we’re going to let him get away with what he did?!”
“He killed the healer and then killed Hrath! Our dogs will not stand by and allow him to live after such an injustice!”
Another voice spoke above the crowed, “There is no proof that he did either of these things so please disperse immediately.”
It sounded like a crowd of dogs and rabbits was arguing with a few guards outside of whatever building Lucky was in. “Prove this then; your healer lies dead and when our boss follows this scumbag out of the village he doesn’t return! How can you defend his innocents?!”
“Henry has been sent to investigate the crime scene and has ordered me and my squad to ensure that no one except the new healer enters. Now you can either wait calmly here for him to get back or you can leave, but no one is getting in this building!”
The crowd outside seemed to calm down a bit and Lucky took the opportunity to survey the building he was in. It looked exactly like the healers hut… but it couldn’t be the healers hut because he had escaped from there? Lucky tried to gather himself and figure out what had happened but never finished thinking it through before someone walked into the room.
“Oh! You’re up! I didn’t know if I could do it but look at you Haha!” the feminine voice was much too happy for Lucky. He felt like shit and didn’t think it was very prudent to be as happy as she was when he was in this much pain. “Wow I didn’t actually think that I could save you. But it looks like all those months working with Rita paid off, bless her soul…”
Lucky looked at her and spoke, “Who are you and am I dead? Is this where you end up after you die?”
The rabbit looked at him funny, she was actually kind of cute, “No silly you’re not dead because I saved you! I’m Kelly and I am the new village healer. Rita, the old village healer and the head of the guard dogs were murdered yesterday. People are saying it was you but…” she checked the bandages she had put around Lucky’s wounds, “I don’t think that it was you, you were much to injured to fight when they brought you to me and on top of that, you were unconscious.”
It all came back to Lucky as she was finishing her last sentence. “The dogs! They murdered the healer and then came back to finish me off! But she had locked the door behind her and they had to go back for the key, giving me time to hide!” he looked at the new healer with astonished eyes, “The dog followed me and caught me, the last thing I remember he was about to kill me… how am I still alive?”
Kelly looked at Lucky for a long time before handing him a cup filled with hot fluid, “Drink this it’ll help with the pain.” Lucky did so noting how bad the fluid tasted, “Well regardless of whether you killed them or not the people outside have been creating stories of their own, and in most you are the culprit.”
“But I was so far away from the village… how could someone have carried me all the way back?” Lucky asked.
“I’ve heard a few of the rumors myself, some seem pretty farfetched. A few of people outside think that you found your way back yourself but that seems unlikely given your injuries. There are a few more that think that one of the guards saw you go out and followed you. And then” she chuckled audibly, “There’s one old rabbit that says he saw a wolf carrying you back to the village. Haha, I got a crack out of that last one.”
Lucky froze. Journey wouldn’t have been dumb enough to attempt to come to the village would he? They would kill him, especially if he was carrying a half dead rabbit!
“I have to get up now.” he said as he started to rise to his feet.
“Oh no you don’t!” she rushed over to him, “You need to sit back down and let your body heal.”
“No” he said as he walked slowly toward the door, “now you can either come with me to watch over me, or you can stay here. I don’t really care.”
She hesitated slightly, “You need to stay here for your own safety Lucky. Some of the people outside want to kill you.”
“I don’t care” he said bluntly, “I need to check on something important.” With that he opened up the door.
There were two guards standing outside who both turned and looked at him with shocked expressions. “Holy crap Kelly you were actually able to fix him up eh!”
Lucky continued out the door but was stopped from going any further by the eruption that came from the crowd. Lucky felt like he was being hit by a waterfall of sound. Rabbits and dogs yelling at him, cursing him out, and screaming for his death. Maybe it was a poor decision to come out here.
“THAT’S ENOUGH!” The crowd quieted as Lucky turned to look at Kelly with a newfound respect, “My patient needs some fresh air to help him recover from the shock of what has happened to him. He has informed me that the dogs were responsible for the death of our healer and that they were attempting to kill him when he blacked out. He cannot recall what happened after which because of the aforementioned black out.”
“HOW DARE YOU!” one of the dogs yelled and stepped forward, “How dare you insult us with such a bold faced lie healer! Would you speak out against our former leader after his death?”
“I would not speak out against him, but I would consider all of the possibilities before condemning a rabbit to de…”
She never got to finish the sentence. Enraged, the dog stepped forward and backhanded her across the face. It happened so fast that the sickening crack of Kelly’s neck didn’t register until she had already hit the ground…

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by rodeje25
is the second healer also death?
gawd this story is interesting and good luck with your exam!!!

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by Dmaned11123
Well guys the test went... less well... than originally expected. How? I have no idea (Only one person actually finished the test so maybe that was part of it xD). Nevertheless I've written a few more chapters and will try to keep up the pace before my OChem exam Friday. Cant screw up in OChem as it'll kick your ass if you underestimate it. Enough about school haha no place to talk about such terrible things :p

Enjoy guys.

Chapter 19
Journey and the group of guards had just walked into the village when they heard the commotion. They quickly headed toward the sounds of arguing. The crowd had just come into view when Journey saw the dog hit the rabbit and heard the crack of its neck. Enraged, Journey leaped forward, grabbed the dog by its neck, and lifted it off its feet. The crowd was too shocked to even respond as Journey slammed the dog up against the wall of the building. He had just begun applying pressure to the dog’s throat when Henry yelled at him, “Journey stop! That’s not how we do things here…” Journey turned his head and looked at Lucky kneeling next to the dead rabbit, Lucky had broken into tears.
Henry was trying to calm the crowd down before they fully realized that a wolf was standing among them, “Everyone listen, this wolf was the one who saved Lucky. As far as I’m concerned he is not currently a threat to our community. Can I get volunteers to go catch him some fish please?”
Four different rabbits raised their hands, clearly thankful to be given an opportunity to get away from Journey. Journey released his grip on the dog and let him fall to the ground. A few rabbit guards quickly secured him. Journey walked over and knelt down next to Lucky, “What happened?” He asked quietly.
Lucky didn’t bother looking up, “She told me that it would be dangerous and I didn’t listen… She’s dead because of me…”
Journey looked at Lucky still sobbing next to the body, “Well, I’m alive because of you. Does that count for anything?”
“Don’t give me that shit again, you don’t owe me anything anymore” he pointed at Henry, “because apparently you saved MY life.”
“Yeah that’s true I suppose” Journey said standing up, “But that’s just what friends do for each other.”
They sat there until the sun had nearly dipped below the horizon before Henry walked over and addressed the two, “Well that went better than I had planned… So Lucky, about this wolf…” He pointed at Journey, “You bandaged him up few days back?”
“Yup…” was his only response.
“And you two are friends?” he continued.
Lucky looked up at Journey, “Apparently… I thought he was just following me around until he could repay a debt or something.”
Journey couldn’t believe his ears. He thought that after everything, Lucky would have considered him a friend. Journey got up right as the volunteers brought their fish back. Journey took a few of the fish, thanked the rabbits and started walking away, “If I wasn’t your friend I’d have let you die to that dog…” and with that Journey walked away. Finding a place to sleep for the night wasn’t going to be easy. No sane rabbit would let a wolf stay in their house for the night.
Journey found a nice spot with a small fire ring next the village pond. He started a small fire and cooked a few of the fish the rabbits had caught for him. After he had had his fill, he laid on his back and gazed up at the stars, maybe tomorrow he’d just leave, there was nothing here for him. Most wolves would kill for an opportunity to be where he was now, unguarded in a village full of rabbits. He didn’t care for the village life anyway it looked much too crowded.
Chapter 20
Lucky woke up in his bed the next morning. Henry had placed two guards in front of his house to protect him from anyone that missed the events of the night before. He was still sore and the gash in his arm still burned every time he moved it but he didn’t care. If he hadn’t been so stupid Kelly would still be alive. If he had never existed Rita, the old healer, would still be alive… and Journey would be dead. Lucky sat up and walked over to the fireplace to start the fire. Just as he got the fire going there was a knock on the door, “You up yet?” it was Henry.
“Yeah come on in.” Lucky responded. It wasn’t that he wanted to see Henry right now but he figured that he should probably let him know he was still breathing.
Henry opened the door and walked in, “How ya feelin bud?” he asked as he sat down in a chair.
“Felt a lot better that’s for sure…” Lucky responded grimly, “But I’m fine I guess.”
“That’s good…” there was a long pause, “about yesterday…”
“Don’t! I don’t need to hear it again.” Lucky said frowning, “It was all my fault, I should have never come out of that building.”
“Would you stop with that?!” Henry yelled at him, “I don’t like that Kelly’s dead either but there’s nothing we can do about it, it’s over! I’m more concerned with you. You come back and you finally seem happy with the way your life is going, then one unforeseeable thing happens and you try to throw it all away while wallowing in your own self-pity!”
“What are you talking about throwing everything away?” Lucky asked bitterly.
Henry frowned, “Journey didn’t check into the inn last night. We think he might have left after the things you said to him. I have a scouting party out looking for him now but so far they haven’t found anything.”
Lucky was silent, he hadn’t meant what he’d said, it had just come out. He did consider Journey a friend, but he had been so short-sighted yesterday that he’d told him to screw off.
“I didn’t mean the things I said he has to know that!” Lucky half spoke half pleaded.
“Wolves are pretty forward my friend, he may have thought that you were being serious.” Henry said sadly, “He must have left early in the morning because we found his camp empty next to the pond.”
“I can’t believe he’d just up and leave though…” Lucky said put his head between his hands.
Henry got up and started walking to the door, “Well believe it because he left. All we can do is hope to find him and explain to him that you didn’t mean what you said. Until then, I have to bring a dog in front of the council for the murder of two rabbits and the attempted murder of another.”
“What’s going to happen to him?” Lucky asked apprehensively.
“One murder is enough justification for the death penalty the other charges just ensure it.” Henry said quietly, “The execution will probably take place on top of the hill tomorrow morning.”
Lucky’s ears shot up, “Hill…” why did that sound so familiar to Lucky. It hit him like a brick, “I know where to find Journey but we have to be quick!”

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by Dmaned11123
Hello all,
I'm not going to say much but this... I finally got around to adding that fan character :D

Chapter 21
Journey had left the village under the cover of darkness. If Lucky though so little of him as to demine him with such an audacious statement, then he didn’t deserve Journey’s friendship. For a while he wandered around letting his feet take him wherever they wanted to go. It gave him time to think about the wasted time spent with the stupid rabbit. It had been fun, but a waste of time he could have been using to find a new place to live. Did he really think that he could peacefully coexist with rabbits? For a while, yes, there was a small glimmer of hope in the back of his mind that he might prove himself to the rabbits. But that hope was shattered by Lucky’s statement. He’d always be a wolf to them… as it should be…
Journey kept walking, until the sun was peaking over the horizon. His feet stopped and he looked up at where they had lead him. He stood there looking at the distant camp that he used to call home. Why had he come back here? He might as well get some supplies from the camp before he moved on… maybe he’d head back to the forest and find his own territory. Someplace where there were fish and frogs to feed him… and maybe just a few rabbits to get him through the tough times. Journey didn’t actually know whether or not he’d be able to eat rabbit again.
He started walking toward the camp again. About halfway there he spotted the smoke rising from inside the camp and he quickly crouched. He approached the camp as quietly as possible. As he got close he noticed a rabbit and a cat both asleep around the fire. The rabbit was on the ground and the cat was propped up against one of the tents, obviously supposed to be on guard. Journey thought fast and quietly approached the sleeping rabbit.
The rabbit was completely unaware of the approaching wolf and was taken off guard when Journey grabbed it around the front of the face so it couldn’t alert its friend.
He dragged the struggling rabbit far away from camp before lifting it off its feet and speaking to it, “I am going to uncover your mouth in a second and I want to know a few things. First, why were you in my camp, second who are you, and third give me a reason to let you live. If you fail to answer any of these questions or if I feel you are lying to me you won’t get a second chance. Do you understa…”
Before he could finish the rabbit had taken both legs and kicked him square in the chest. The kick knocked the wind out of Journey, launched him backwards, and caused him to drop the rabbit. Before Journey could fully recover from the kick, the rabbit had screamed to its partner whom was now sprinting down the hill knife in hand.
To Journey, this day just got better and better…

Chapter 22

Rebecca had had a terrible childhood. Her parents had both been poor farmers living on rented land near the rabbit city of Creale. The land produced very little, and what did grow was usually insignificant and bland. There was a drought one summer and her father was unable to pay the rent. He was forced to borrow money from loan sharks to pay the landlord so that his family could stay in their home. Their stay was short lived however, after one month, one of the sharks demanded double what Rebecca’s father had borrowed. Her father knew that he would never be able to pay the loan shark what he was asking. One night there was a commotion outside the front door, Rebecca’s mother picked her up and ran out the back door. She placed the young Rebecca in a pile of hay propped against the barn and ran shouting for help. Rebecca sat there waiting and listening until she fell asleep.
When she woke the next morning and crawled out of the hay she saw the burnt remains of her childhood home. She turned and ran as quickly as she could towards the city, tears streaming down her face, remembering the final words her mother had spoken to her, “You need to be quiet now dear, don’t speak until morning and remember you will always be my little rabbit. I love you…” She would never forget those words.
A few years went by and Rebecca scraped by. She was, by all accounts, a petty thief, a pickpocket, and a damn good liar. She had snuck and scammed her way to food hundreds of times. Lifting just enough coin out of pockets so they wouldn’t notice the missing weight. She was truly advanced in her profession. But the most important skill a thief can have is the ability to get away when caught. She had perfected so many ways to get out of certain situations, that she sometimes found it harder to be sneaky than get caught and escape. And let’s face it… it was a hell of a lot more fun. She had actually taken things from right in front of people and gotten away without them fully realizing what had happened. It was the one thing that gave Rebecca joy through all of the hunger and loneliness that she was subject to.
The day had started like any other she woke up and got out of the alley that she’d chosen to sleep in that night, she didn’t want the guards to spot her after all… they’d trail her all day. Next step was to find and ‘procure’ breakfast. She looked around at the businesses opening their doors for the day. The key to a healthy breakfast was always patience. After about a half an hour of waiting, she finally spotted her opportunity. The owner of a bakery had propped the back door of the building open with a block of wood while he had gone out.
She quickly crossed the street and slid into the building. She browsed through the pastries and breads and finally decided on a few muffins and some bread for later. She ate the apple flavored muffin with relish as she reapproached the back door. She was halfway through enjoying her next bite when the door swung open to reveal the very fat, and now very angry baker. Rebecca quickly chastised herself for being caught so off guard. She dodged through the fat rabbit’s legs as he tried to grab her, ran down the street and cut into the first alley she saw. She continued running and turned her head to reassure herself that the rabbit was too fat and slow to follow her. Still looking behind her, she turned a corner and tripped over something, sending her bounty into the dirt in front of her.
She got up slowly and picked up each muffin and loaf of bread she had dropped. When she turned around to see what hat tripped her she was shocked to find a cat huddled in a ball on the ground. She had only ever seen rich cats in Creale, usually browsing through the market district in search of whatever shinny thing they could get their hands on. This cat didn’t look rich, it had tuffs of fur missing from its coat, it was incredibly thin, and in its sorry state it almost looked dead. It clearly wasn’t dead yet because Rebecca could still see it breathing.
She turned back around, there was no need to concern herself with this creature. She would let it die in peace, she started walking away.
“No please…” came a voice from behind her. It sounded very weak and pleading, “Can I please have some of that bread?”
Rebecca turned around to see the cat trying to get on its feet but failing each time. From her voice Rebecca could tell that the cat was young and scared. She knew how close she was to death. Reluctantly, Rebecca tossed the cat the half eaten muffin and watched her as she ate it as quickly as she could.
She sat down next to the cat, “I should call you Muffins because you ate that muffin like you’d never seen food bef…” She was cut off abruptly as the cat’s arms wrapped around her chest.
The cat was crying heavily onto Rebecca’s chest and had wrapped her arms around her, “My… name’s… Alex…” she said between sobs.
From that day forward Rebecca and Alex were the best of friends and the best thieves in Creale.
All because of a single muffin.

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oh i hope journey won't die!

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Hey Guys!

Studying took its toll on my free time, but the test went well so I can't complain. I wrote a few more chapters that I hope you guys will enjoy. I appreciate the patients.


Chapter 23
Two months later, Rebecca and Alex were partners in crime. Their friendship had prevailed over the times of hunger and misfortune and they both knew they could count on each other regardless of how bad things got. Rebecca, as good at sneaking as she was, would wait for Alex to distract the guards while Rebecca acquired the goods. It always went off without a hitch. One day Rebecca was in the process of taking a few coins out of the back of a dogs pocket when he suddenly spun around and grabbed her by the neck.
“Well what do we have here?” the dog asked quietly to Rebecca. Before she had time to react, he threw here against a wall to stun her. “I’ve come across a few rabbit thieves in my time and I’ve learned to never let them get their bearings when they’re caught.” He picked her back up by the back of her neck and lifted her off the ground.
Holding her in front of him as he walked he spoke, “In dog country I’d have every right to kill you right now… but lucky for you this isn’t dog country.” He chuckled.
Rebecca had finally gotten enough of her senses back to speak, “Let me down I’m not a thief!” she yelled at him.
They were rapidly approaching the place where Alex was distracting the guards. Alex looked at the Rebecca in dismay when the guards turned around, “Hello officers” the dog said with a smile, “I believe I’ve caught a pickpocket and I have about a half dozen witnesses back there to prove it…” He smiled, “would you be so kind, as to take her off of my hands?”
The guards didn’t need proof as they clearly recognized Rebecca’s face. They quickly put her in hand and ankle cuffs. “How did you do that!?” one of the guards said in disbelief. “Do you have any idea how long we’ve been trying to catch her?”
“Nope and I don’t really care one way or another” the dog said pointedly as he walked away.
Alex slipped away as one of the guards smacked the other one, “Idiot! That was the Executioner! The city hired him to clean up the streets.”
The other guard was clearly not the brightest lantern, “Um… what?” was his only reply.
The other guard sighed in resignation, “Never mind, let’s just get this piece of trash into the dungeon before we lose our jobs.”
Rebecca couldn’t believe it. She had tried to steal from a guard specifically employed to catch her. And she had fallen right into his trap. She felt stupid and demoralized as she was dragged through the city in chains. Some people stared, some, whom Rebecca had stolen from, openly cheered. Rebecca knew she was screwed. She might have been an escape artist, but no one escaped from the city dungeons… ever. There was quite literally no record of anyone ever escaping from the dungeon. There were however, numerous records of people whom had ‘passed away during their stay at the dungeon’. Which was basically a nice way to say that they were tortured to death. It was a place of death where she would stay until her own death ended her suffering. Four flights of stairs and three massive corridors later the guards stopped and through here onto the cold cobblestone ground. Rebecca started to cry as they slammed the cell shut… she would never see Alex again. But maybe if she was lucky, her death would come quick and she would see her parents again soon.

Chapter 24
Rebecca had spent an unknown amount of time crying. There were no windows to tell her what time of day it was and no one ever walked passed her cell. It was as if she was completely non-existent, as if she had dragged into this horrid place so no one ever had to think about her again. Only Alex would wonder what became of her and she would probably never know. Rebecca laid her head against one of the walls and slowly drifted into an uneasy sleep.
She was being shaken back and forth when she woke up and could feel claws digging into her arm.
“Get up Rebecca now we have to go.” It was Alex!
“Alex?!” She nearly jumped up and hugged her friend, “How are you here?”
“No time to go over the details” she said with a glance over her shoulder, “let’s just say I picked up a few things while watching you pickpocket.” She jangled the keys to the cells in front of her friend. “Now let’s go we need to get out of here before the guard notices that they’re gone.”
Rebecca and Alex quickly exited the cell, “This way!” Alex whispered and grabbed Rebecca by the hand. They worked their way through the dungeon climbing up flights of stairs, running through corridors, and hiding from a few passing guards.
“Just a little farther” Alex said quietly, “we just need to go out that door.” she said pointing at a door across the room. Keys in hand she walked up to the door and started trying different keys. Rebecca watched as the guard came around the corner and spotted Alex just as she found the right key.
“HEY! Who are you and what are you doing here!?” The guard yelled and ran at Alex. Rebecca started to run to cut off the guard but she knew she’d never make it. It all happened so quickly that Rebecca didn’t have time to think. Alex turned around and noticed the guard running at her and dove at him and before he knew what was happening. Alex had his dagger out of its sheath and had stabbed him in the chest. He died moments later with a confused look on his face.
Alex just sat there holding the dagger that was now covered in the rabbit guard’s blood, Rebecca could hear shouting and footsteps approaching quickly. “Alex, we need to go!” She pulled on her friend’s arm.
Rebecca nearly pulled her out the door before Alex finally came to her senses and started to run. Rebecca could hear the guards chasing them. No matter where they went in the city that night, the guards were on their tail. When they finally made it out of the city and could no longer hear the guards behind them they looked back at the place that had made their lives hell with contempt. The only thing that ever prevented them from leaving was their own fear. Now that they needed to fear Creale they were free to start new lives… they were finally free…
There was no way Rebecca was about to let some stupid wolf separate her from her newfound freedom just days after she had acquired it. And with every ounce of hatred she had, she kicked him in the chest.

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That was fast. And school needs to stop giving you boring stupid homework :P