Flash CS3 - Papervision help

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Flash CS3 - Papervision help

Post by Johannes » Sat Jun 06, 2009 1:08 pm

Heya guys,

If anyone knows anything about working with the Flash 3D engine Papervision, I could use some help with it.

I've been trying to use this tutorial

I am using Flash CS3 on a mac.

I have the latest Papervision SVN downloaded.
I have installed the component, so I can see the 'Papervision3D' Group in the Components panel, and I have the PV3DPanel installed:

As the tutorial says, I have an instance of the 'Papervision3D - COLLADA Scene' Component on the Stage, and I have given it the instance name 'Scene'

I have set The local directory in the PV3DPanel to the folder containing the work file and the Collada file, and have set the Collada file as well:

The tutorial says that now I should be seeing a pyramid, but I am not.

What step have I missed, or what might I be doing wrong?

My work file can be downloaded here, obviously change the Local Directory when you try and open it.


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