Angels and Demons

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Angels and Demons

Post by Blorx » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:27 pm

Gah, what a good movie. They had me fooled. Totally awesome ending.

I dunno, who else saw it?

It's like the most well-planned attack ever, and the motives behind it were so unpredictable that it was mind-blowing.

Good stuff. :D

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Post by Zhukov » Thu Mar 25, 2010 12:03 am

Ah yes, Angels & Demons. I remember seeing that at the cinema back when it came out.

I almost stayed awake. And that was mostly because some brat sitting a couple of rows back kept flicking his skittles at my head.

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Re: Angels and Demons

Post by Glabbit » Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:53 am

I've seen that. Twice.
By coincidence, rather than choice.

I particularly liked the chase, and the wonderful, ancient trail they had to follow. Nicely written.
Found it a bit silly that the modern-day terrorist-esque peoples would still commit all those deed on that same trail, though... could've so easily led everyone on a wild goose chase.

Plus I kept missing a few important things, like, what was going on.
I think it may have worked better as a book.

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Re: Angels and Demons

Post by shadow717 » Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:58 am

I didn't like the movie much. There were just too many plot holes for my taste. Of course I didn't like the Divinci Code either.

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