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[MOD] Byr's Receiver Edits

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 7:14 pm
by Byr
I've spent the past week playing with the source code and threw together a couple tweaks for Receiver. I'm rather mediocre at coding so all my edits were either edited copies of previous code or my own code written via excessive trial and error.
I tried to keep it as balanced as possible. Feel free to suggest things for me to try implementing.

Download: ...

-Tapes are slightly less common
***Not by much, don't worry.
-Flashlights are slightly less common
-Flashlights last half as long
***Default battery life seemed unnecessarily long.
-Bullet drop amount slightly tweaked
-Loot piles can now contain empty casings
***Added with the idea that ammo piles can now be misleading. What may look like a life-saving pile of bullets is now mere scenery.
-Loot piles can now contain magazines
***I easily survive with a single mag but some players might enjoy an inventory full of topped-off magazines.
-Turret ammo box can drop bullets when shot
***Chance to get your ammo back from the turret's reserves. Turret will have one bullet still chambered to fire.
-Turret ammo box can drop casings when shot
***Added with the idea that turrets don't eject a shell when they fire so perhaps they horde the casings? I dunno. Thinking about it makes it sound silly.
-Taserbots travel at 4/5 original speed
***Much less terrifying now.
-Increased "life time" of bullet casings
***I've noticed floating shells quite often after shooting from a high point. Especially when shooting tasers from that one balcony and then returning to that cell on the ground floor. Hopefully by increasing the life time of the casings, they have more time to "settle" before being nullified.

Future Plans: ...if my coding skill permits and my laziness allows
-Drop-able flashlights
-Fix ability to jump after death
-Adjust/Add loot pile locations
-Adjust/Add spawn points
-Anything you guys suggest ...I'll try my best

Re: [MOD] Byr's Receiver Edits

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:14 pm
by Riverkiller
Nice! I will definitely report back after playing two rounds of it.
Looks promising!

Re: [MOD] Byr's Receiver Edits

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 9:36 pm
by Riverkiller
Played the mod, and the changes are definitely noted! I came across a nice large lump of rounds and ALL of them were just casings! lol!
The shockdrones are really easy to hit now, but I think that's because of my exposure to the EXTREMELY fast roomfuls of them, and so now it's easy to score hits on them.
I like the feel of it, the shock drones aren't so menacing now.
EDIT: In order to find out what it's like for the turrets to drop ammunition, I walked into a corridor revealing a shock drone right on top of me.
I still haven't seen a turret drop ammunition and I've killed 9 so far.

EDIT #2: Just noticed the jumping after death. That's hilarious. It's like i'm refusing to die as blood gushes from my neck...

Re: [MOD] Byr's Receiver Edits

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:19 pm
by Byr
Nine turret kills and not a single one dropped bullets? Wowie. The current code picks a random drop amount between 0 and 3. I just played a few quick rounds and Random.Range seems very fond of zeros and ones. It was dropping ammo for me (not much I'll add). I could up the amount to a minimum of 1 if so desired. All I can say is that they only drop goodies if the orange box is shot, not general death.