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[Request]Basic guide on modding Receiver

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 1:46 pm
by kenobi90
To not be annoying, I'm requesting this because I have some good ideas (or ideas I find good) for mods, but I would like to make them myself so my own pickiness won't go off the charts when modders who decide to pickup my ideas don't make it exactly like I want; Just a basic mod teaching how to, say, make one simple gun and add it to the game, just for an example, I'd be thankful.

Re: [Request]Basic guide on modding Receiver

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 5:05 pm
by RyanGatts
I'd be interested in this as well. Mostly so that I can break down how the pose-based animation system works and use it in other game projects. Still, I feel our interests are aligned, I'll post here if I figure out anything.

Re: [Request]Basic guide on modding Receiver

Posted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:38 am
by Thomason1005
first you should download unity and the 7dfps unity project.
then watch some unity tutorials, you should be quite quickly able to do stuff nd things

for the guns, i have no idea but you should check out the weapon addition thread, a lot of stuff is explained there, i can help you if youre having trouble with the scripts

Re: [Request]Basic guide on modding Receiver

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:47 am
by Korban3
I've been playing with some similar mechanics in a project as well. Fun stuff, but it had a bit of a learning curve for me. The parts that are integral to the gun are easy enough. For example, the slide on a pistol can be lerped between forward and rear positions while staying parented to the gun. Works great.

Inserting and removing magazines gave me a little trouble at first, but I've go that down as well. It's a really fun concept to program though.

Re: [Request]Basic guide on modding Receiver

Posted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:58 am
by zv_odd
I'de like to know which version of Unity I should be using.
I've been trying to get it to load in unity 4.5.
Huge problem with none of the model meshes actually loading into the game.
The LevelCreatorScript is spawning stuff, but the player just falls to death.

I think this it's an issue with Unity's FBX model importer possibly having changed between versions; It seems to be indicated in the Console when I first opened/imported the project.
Has anyone else come across this problem?