Suggestion: Sound Deception, Memory, and Approaching

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Suggestion: Sound Deception, Memory, and Approaching

Post by LookforAI » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:40 pm

Originally, I was looking forward to play <Brink>, however, their A.I. are too stupid, so I am not going to buy it. Now I am appealed to this project <Overgrowth>. I do not want to call it as a game, since I wish that it really can over-grow and finally becomes a research project for modern game theory.

For Overgrowth Alpha 123 ... re=related

As far as I knew, The enemy was able to hear the sound from the moving rabbit, and he would come to the place where the sound originated.

Sound Deception
In order to deceive the enemy, the hero shall be able to pick up a small stone, and throw to a place so that the enemy is misled by the sound from the stone hitting ground and goes to that place, where the hero is not there. This will give a perfect chance for the hero to strike the enemy from behind.

Of course, this will only increase the probability that the hero wins the combat. So, the enemy should be smarter. First, the enemy should be able to make his own conclusion to judge whether the sound he hears is true from the location of the hero or is just fake. If the sound happens there only once, not consecutive, then it is entirely possible that the sound is fake. Also, the metal or stone sounds can be partially distinguished from the sound made by walking or jumping.

Second, there are several ways to approach the location where the sound was made, depending on how much the enemy trusts the sound. If they think the sound must be fake, then they may NOT run to the place and check, but instead, carefully check the surrounding area; or just simply ignore it. If they trust the sound by believing that the hero is hiden there, then, to avoid to be knocked by hero, they may choose to sneak to there.

Enemy must have their own MEMORY
How much the enemy would trust the sound is also based on their memory - For example, did he see that the hero haunted in this area before? Was the hero used to do the sound deception to deceive them before? When was the last time he saw the hero? Which direction did the hero go in the last time? Did any suspected target or object appear recently on his horizon, but not from the place where the sound was from?

This Memory system is not only appliable to the sound deception, but also can be widely used to go against various tactics from human player, and can minimize the probability of cheating from player.

More approaching or tactics
If the hero is hiden behind a house, there are several choices for the enemy to approach it:
1, directly go behind the house and find out hero
2, go into the house and see outside through the window, if the hero is there, then jump through the window and kick the hero's head.
3. climb the house, stand on the roof, look downward from it, if the hero is spotted, then jump from the roof and trample on the skull of the hero.
4. For the enemy coorporation, one enemy chooses 1, another one chooses 2, the thrid one chooses 3, and attack the hero at the same time.

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