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Lugaru Ideas

Post by Majsnar » Sat Apr 10, 2004 10:13 am

It seems that Lugaru, and htt engine in general, need some help.

- The map editor is far to hard to use, It needs to be somewhat like this: ... ution.html

-If this is not possible, then at least use an easyier form of placing objeects, such as "I want the object to begin here, (Turner Flies)and end Here.

- There need to be more characters, such as bears, tigers, badgers, otters, etc.

- There needs to be more weapons; javelins/spears, mace/club, numbchucks???, lanses?

-Large storyline:possible something like:

MY teacher, called The GURU, has been leaing me through the eastern Army of the Empire, And I have been learning how to trap, sabotage, fight, and assasinate. She has been pushing me to the limit. The last test will be to fight her, and whoever lives will lead the rebellion.

-after each "test", Turner will learn a new move, because lets face it; The same moves get really boring after a while

-At the end will be a King bear or something, and you have to kill him.

- There should be many different types of levels: Sneak in and assasinate, then get out.

-Kill everyone without raising the alarm.

-Find some lost item, or an entrance to something.

-Escape from prison, tortue, etc.

-At the beginning, you should be able to choose sides; Empire, Rebellion, or something like that.

-BEtter music

-Costmize your character.

- become stronger after each level

-when hanging on a wall or box, etc., be able to "cinch" around.

-Stealth needs to easier.

God, did I really write all of that? :P

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Post by zip » Sat Apr 10, 2004 12:32 pm

Steath needs to be.... easier? Its very easy.
See the strategy guide.

The map editor is fairly satisfactory... but it /does/ need a doodlebug and selective object deletion.

As for the other stuff.. remember this is a game being developed by one person... think Lugaru 2 =p

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Post by disc » Sat Apr 10, 2004 1:43 pm


What would be great in the mapeditor would be a terrain stainer, which you could specify tint/etc... If you turn it on, the terrain is stained behind you. This could be used to create roads, paths, etc..., so the whole map doesn't always look pristine.

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Post by Gwymold » Sat Apr 10, 2004 7:20 pm

He does have some good Ideas; Map editor ideas, new music, new moves after each level, and level Ideas. Horrible storyline, though. :?

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Post by Napst3rz » Mon Aug 30, 2004 12:57 pm

put your own music in

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