new overgrowth updateables request

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new overgrowth updateables request

Post by halzoid » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:55 am

I know it might sound like a lot but I have been playing overgrowth for a long time now and it is honestly my favorite game on PC. But after playing for a while it slowly becomes form so I've been thinking of new possibilities that I hope everyone wants

Bone breaking: I don't want to sound messed up, but but it would look so cool if overgrowth had a skeletal breaking system. Just watching your enemy's collapse as you crack their knees inwards and seeing it in disgusting positions would be an awesome feature

Dismemberment: as we're on topic of horrific moments, surely at some point you have wanted to just run at the enemy wielding a broadsword and just want to see things flying everywhere. Just me then? Ok moving on

Unarmed combat: just because I don't have any weapons, doesn't. Mean that I'm not still as deadly as people who do, grabbing an enemy in a headlock and snapping their neck would be so much cooler than just choking them out, especially with the bone physics from above

Finishers: I know overgrowth is a do it yourself realistic game. The guy dies when he dies. But if it is the last hit on them it should look completely unique to the rest of the attacks, like throwing them to the ground and stamping their face in, just a thought!

stealthy: using a caps lock key to go into stealth mode means that you move slower and silently guards don't see you unless you are where their eyes use looking at you so you can just stroll up behind them and choke em' 'till they stop wriggling

Hanging animation: when you have a sticky out ledge your character goes crazy when it grabs on so having them know when there hanging or holding on to a wall would be good

Swinging: if you have a pole sticking out of the wall and a platform on the other side you don't grab the pole climb on top of it then jump to the platform. You swing across

Free climbing: I know overgrowth has an editor mode where you can make what you want so this would be hard but surely its possible to make turner climb up different objects the way you would on a climbing wall being able to move left right up to the next ledge. It would look so much more flowing


Fire/water: its the dynamic things that make the game so good, so adding fire to burn wood and water to put out fire. It would also make dungeon maps look really good, just wading through knee deep water

Swimming: I know you're a rabbit but come on diving off the highest thing you can find and swimming away from enemies underwater would look amazing

cracks and splats: if I fell 200,000 meters I would be a pankake but also I would leave one hell of a crack on the ground and quite a big blood splatter to accompany it

more moves: watching my self just do the same spinkick 10 times in a row gets a bit boring, but watching my self kick a guy in the face, turn punch another one down then trip up the last one would look more authentic

Death from above: sure you can jump kick. but if you are trying to play stealthily you want to just land on the enemy and take them out in one swift, silent, subtle and satisfying move

I guess that's it for now
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Re: new overgrowth updateables request

Post by Endoperez » Sat Oct 19, 2013 9:07 am

Crack and splats - agreed,
Death from above - that would be cool

Bones, dismemberment, finisher moves:
These work together. These don't work anywhere except as finishers.
If they aren't in finisher moves, you have an enemy that is still "alive", still fighting you, but now can't stand or can't hit you. That's not an interesting fight and that's not a living thing fighting you, that's a broken robot trying to follow its programming. It would just break the immersion.
They're also not technically easy - you'd need more animations, and requiring even one extra animation for every breakable bone in the body would be lots of work. Then there's also the coding part.
They could work as finisher moves. We don't know if they'll happen.
These have been mentioned a lot, many people like it, some people hate it, some don't care. All we know is that it takes time, and we don't know if that's something the dev team wants to do.

Swinging, free climbing - parkour stuff is fun, but this might not be the focus of the game. The swinging wouldn't be too difficult. Climbing up ladders or a rope would be relatively easy to do. Clmibing up any and all possible surfaces while making it look good would be hard, but doable. However, again, is it something the dev team wants to do? They have the fighting portion of the game to finish.

Fire , water, swimming:
Dynamic fire and dynamic water don't add anything to the fighting. You can't fight while swimming, and if you can swim across water it doesn't even work as a boundary. What would deep, swimmable water add besides being pretty? Fire that burns if you step into it, fire that looks cool, those are doable. Ankle-deep water that looks good, again, that's doable. Water has been done in one of the modder-made maps, maybe fire too.

Fire that spreads - no benefit for the game at large. Swimming - no benefit for the game at large. What you described with the diving sounds more like a cinematic, not actual gameplay.

Ranged combat: I've written this maybe once a month for a few years now. Overgrowth has a cool melee combat, right? Imagine if there was a weapon that was so good, you could kill all the enemies without ever getting into melee. That's called a bow. Also crossbow. It wouldn't be as fun as fighting in the super-fun melee combat, the thing this game is really good at.
There are ways of making bows and crossbows work. Like making them do minimal damage. So you can shoot 10 arrows at a guy and he keeps running at you like a rabid crazy hedgehog, but he'd have died to one good kick. Not good either.
Or you could leave bows really powerful, but limit ammo. Imagine the feeling when you have 3 arrows left, and miss all of them. That's not fun. How are you going to learn to use the damn thing if you have to save ammo for when you really need it? What if someone got good enough that he always hits with the bow? Then he would be able to bypass all the difficult (= interesting) fights. So as a reward for playing the game and getting good at it, you get to... play it less? Yeah, nope.
Or you could leave bows powerful, but make it hard to hit anything. That is, make it random if you hit or not. Is it EVER fair to the player to have a situation where every hit counts, but nothing you do can ensure that you actually hit the enemy?
Then imagine what happens if the enemies have bows.

I'd rather see the devs focus on 1) melee and 2) thrown weapons. If you throw a spear and miss, your enemy now has a spear. If there are two enemies and you kill one with the thrown spear, now you are against one enemy with a spear. If you have a spare weapon, do you have time to draw it before the enemies see you?

More moves
You have realized that the moves aren't random, right? You control each and every move your character makes. Imagine if, in Street Fighter, pressing a button did a punch, a kick or a fireball randomly.
Alternate animations with the exact same timing for the important things, those are kind of possible, but difficult to make. Having DIFFERENT moves would be easy, if it didn't break down the whole control system that makes the fighting fun.

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