overgrowth updateables pt.3

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overgrowth updateables pt.3

Post by halzoid » Thu Dec 19, 2013 6:28 pm

Attack areas: when entering an area any NPC's in the area will turn hostile towards specified player/s. this would work for training arenas in custom maps or a tengu protecting its nest of eggs

roaming areas: areas that selected characters/objects cannot go beyond this also helps the training arenas and the possibility to stop N00BS who don't read signs saying "do not take weapons into next area"

Transparency and invisibility: the ability to make blocks see through or still there but untouchable, this would work for glass in houses or water.

prone: absolutely no benefit other than for rats hiding in lower grass

more outfits: like in Lugaru "the rabbits foot" Turner changed his outfit throughout the entirety of the game, if we could see these outfits returning in newer graphics or even entirely new ones it would be pretty cool

General animations: In an early art asset just as the arena had been made, it was thought of to have stalls in and around the arena, if you could create NPC's move around the stalls and interact with one another/ purchase from stalls and rob them too (being able to stop them) would be cool.

magnets: its annoying trying to get the right hight on a block so it matches the one next to it. so having magnets like Halo 4's editor would really help for map making.

dynamic object areas: the ability to cause rocks to fall around you as you are leaving a cave causing you to have to run out and never enter again, or to trap yourself inside never to leave again, of course having the floor collapse beneath you allowing people who explore the level to escape. This could also work for doors to houses

vaulting/sliding: when running around low objects can be vaulted by holding right click and jumping next to them, similarly sliding is done by holding right click and holding crouch while running. This can be used to get down hills faster and look better. Combining these two extra animations could make escaping from that cave^ look fifty times better

rabbit run: bringing back the rabbit run animation from Lugaru would help to catch up to enemies.

Story teaser: come on just add a short level from the possible story to play on, even one that makes absolutely no sense unless you play the rest of the game!

Tackling: after catching up to an enemy, the only way to stop him is a leg cannon. And that doesn't always look good, so adding a tackle move to slow down the enemy would look good (also it is evadable like any other attack.).

these are only some ideas that I have come up with to help the game, don't worry, I have at least 10 more updateable requests remaining... for anyone who actually cares

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Re: overgrowth updateables pt.3

Post by Thomason1005 » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:56 pm

-Glass / water can already be done
-tackling and animal run is in lasts blood mod, but idk if it works atm
-having objects move when entering a hotspot can already be made, but its more of a hack than nice code (see my moving platform map), but i hope for it to be made easier to implement ( acess to objects via hotspot script and linking objects to scripts)
-attack areas? Yeah maybe bot a bad idea
-roaming areas? Hm i dont like that idea, its kindof unrealistic, id rather go with a guard that attacks you if you try to, but this is sth for late dev state
-prone nah
-more outfits will surely come i hope but dont expect it in the aplha
-magnets: so you mean in the editor? Pressing ctrl kindof does this by snapping the objects to a grid
-id love to see a vault instead of a jump on slower characters, sliding might be a good idea too

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