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Overwhelming Stupidity

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2006 5:00 pm
by mazuru
This goes for people who like to be cheap at killing or just want to see some wolfs get their heads bashed one after the other.
Its simple!
There's some arenas in the den and wolfs like to hang around there.
Right after u get started there should be a very small arena right in front of ur path(its quite the smallest if i'm not mistaken),climb it and stand at the edge of it in the direction where all the wolfs are,u should atract some atention,when u do,wait for the wolf(s) to try climbing to u and BASH THEM
its funny because their too stupid to go around back,they WILL ALWAYS try to climb in ur direction,soo just wait and prepare to see some WOLF SLAYER messages on ur screen >:)
I just love to see my sword slicing those poor baby wolfs and their mother(insane laugh)>:))))),remember that the Wolf Den is NOT the only level with arenas,i just sugested the wolf den because its funnier to do it there especially on the alpha wolf :D
Have Fun!