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[New feature] ingame campaign selection

Posted: Thu May 12, 2011 2:50 pm
by MCMic

Maybe you remember me, last time I added a damage bar to lugaru ( ).
This time, and with the help of sf17k from the wolfire irc channel, I added to Lugaru an Ingame campaign selection feature. (some screenshots here : )

So you can now switch from the campaigns you have in your data folder right from the level selection menu!

-On the campaign menu, click on "campaign : main" to switch between campaigns
-The game store your progress in each campaign
-On start up, the game remembers what campaign you were playing last time and load it
-Saves are no more in the same format, so you'll lose previous saved progress and accounts. Do copies of your saves files.

-A campaing consist in the txt file formerly called "main.txt" in Data/Campaigns. Now it needs to be named "nameofthecampaign.txt" (so the official one is named main)
-Your maps needs to be in the maps folder.
-Your textures needs to be in the texture folder. You can't replace official textures.
-You can provide a World.png image for your campaign. The file have to be Data/Textures/nameofthecampaign/World.png

You can find the source code with the campaign selection here :
For now there is already the main campaign and the temple one.
Maybe I'll put more campaigns later, but I'm not sure, the repo is for code, campaigns can be heavy files.

Re: [New feature] ingame campaign selection

Posted: Tue May 17, 2011 6:52 pm
by Lotus Wolf
Amazing! You have attained eternal forum 'spect.