A few old Test Maps

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A few old Test Maps

Post by tannim » Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:20 am

Hey all. Here are some old unfinished concept or experiment maps. There is no particular point to them other than novelty, especially the first three explained below. I seem to have lost a few old idea maps I made, which is a pity as I wanted to keep them all. Enjoy or don't.

BunnyassistJumper - For your first load of this test map, enter map mode, load, turn the camera to face him and crouch down. Turn off map mode and let him help you across the gap.(doesn't always work on first try.) For every other load, see how different positions change your trajectory and his attacks.

bunnyassistJumperSplatterBunny - Same as the other version, but you die each time, sometimes in comical ways, especially when crouching and being kicked.

BunnyRain2, stand on the little platform and watch it rain(takes a little while). Or step off the platform THEN watch it rain. At least one usually survives.

RabbitBattle - simple, but intense and generally quite quick. Battle 8 armed rabbits in a tight mob in the sparse woodlands.

wallclimb2 - Unfinished rather dull map about climbing up a wall with rock platforms. I liked the idea, but it's fairly dull. It IS possible to get to the gap between the two walls, unless I forgot to save the edit I did. In which case, it is not.

snow.jpg - a new snow texture I like. It is not perfect, though. It has an Obvious seam, but it still looks much better than the old one to me. Just replace the file with this one in the textures directory.
Some unfinished/experimental concept maps and a new snow texture.
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