Weapon Mod Help?

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Weapon Mod Help?

Post by Krazymace » Tue Dec 25, 2012 2:41 pm

So I downloaded LotusWolfs weapon mod and I installed the Battle Ax Weapon into my Lugaru file. Does anyone know where I can find the weapon(s) in the game?

Thank you! :D

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Re: Weapon Mod Help?

Post by rudel_ic » Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:34 am

Since the axe replaces some weapon, you need to find the weapon it's supposed to replace in the game.

Either Lotus has picked a weapon to be replaced for you, or he let you do it manually. I don't know.

The manual way: You replace Sword.solid by renaming the original to Sword.solid.ORIGINAL, and then rename the axe.solid (or whatever it's called in Lotus' nomenclature) to Sword.solid. You do the same for the textures that came along with it. Then you'd have to come along an enemy that used to have a sword; he'd now have an axe in hand. Or you'd have to start a level where you used to begin with a sword. Or you'd have to start the editor and give yourself a sword.

As an aside, you can of course replace any weapon with any weapon. So you could also use the axe as a knife. Or as a staff. Or as a sword, a knife and a staff. Textures are wrong then though. But you can also replace textures appropriately with renaming, which is kind of fiddly, but not rocket science. And that works. To a degree.

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