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Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:50 am
by Doom
it would be cool shit

what if turner became alpha bunny?

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:50 pm
by BunnyWithStick
He already freakin' is, dummy. Well, nobody will disagree with him and as a result he can boss people around quite easily, so…

What if Skipper got Zergling Rushed?

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:54 pm
by Doom

What if Skipper would fuck off in L2?

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:13 pm
by invertin
Then he'll return as the anti-hero in L3 with a cape and an awesome double sided sword or something and then he'll become more popular than Turner because he kicks so much ass.

Then he'll get his own game called "Skipper the Rabbit" where he uses guns even though they don't exist yet.

What if Zorro was secretly a... Uhm... A BEAVER!?

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 5:40 pm
by Count Roland
skipper was cool. zorro's not so secretly a beaver

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:27 pm
by Renegade_Turner
If Zorro was secretly a beaver, I would stab 137 kids for trying too hard to be "random" and using "random" every second sentence.

What if the Japanese hadn't attacked the Americans and brought the US into World War 2 when they did?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:21 am
by invertin
Then they would have much more people and overpopulate starting WW3, or atleast some kind of war. Yay for being depressing.

What if Silent Hill was a real town?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:36 am
by Doom
I would convince my teachers to move there.

What if the world were attacked by zergs?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:30 am
by Count Roland
I'd eat as much as I could and cram myself into a pipe until the zergs got defeated.

what if you found out your family was planning to murder you?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:53 am
by Makrond
I would go out with a smile.

What if zombies were fake?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 7:05 am
by Doom
your question would suck much better...they already are -.-

what if your mum would tell you to get the fuck out of the house?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 7:50 am
by BunnyWithStick
I'd say "That's what SHE said!" because she just did.

What if puddington was fudgeshire?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:11 am
by Doom
then, it would happen xD

What if Super Man made a " MAN" team, and he would got Spider man and bat man?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:44 pm
by BunnyWithStick
Then they'd get Doodieman and we all know how that would end up…

What if every game in the world turned into ASCII?

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:21 pm
by rudel_ic
Then SDL devs would be considered prophets.
Q: How do I choose a specific video driver?
A: You can set the environment variable "SDL_VIDEODRIVER" to the name of the driver you want to use. The drivers available depend on the platform and SDL compile-time options. Here is a partial list for some platforms:

* Linux:
o x11 - (default) Use the X11 windowing system
o dga - Use XFree86 DGA 2.0 for fullscreen hardware acceleration
o fbcon - Use the framebuffer console
o directfb - Use the DirectFB API
o svgalib - Use the SVGAlib API
o ggi - Use the General Graphics Interface API
o aalib - Use the Ascii Art library
* Win32:
o directx - (default) Use the DirectDraw API
o windib - Use the standard Win32 GDI
What if I was a 92-years-old woman?