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Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:29 am
by snovy
here's 2 jokes.

once a guy was walking on the road.he saw a man on the street.he asked

him "do you live in this building?"(there was a building near him).he

said "yyea" he said "do you need help upstairs?" the man

said "yyea" so the man took him to the 2nd floor and asked him "do you

live in this floor?" so the man said " yeaa" so the guy found out he was

drunk so he threw him in the first door next to the lift.when he went down

he found another man. he asked him"do you live in this building?" again

so the man said "yyea" again like that they reached the 2nd floor again

so he threw that drunk man too into the same room with the other man.

when he went down he found another man so he said "kyaa yar yee sab

loog pagal ban gaye kya?"(translation -has all these men gone mad?)so

he went to take him to the same room but before he could get near the

man ran to the police man and said "police man - police man this guy has

been taking me to the 2nd floor twice and throwing me down the elivator


moral of the joke - look before you help.

the second one in the other post.

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:37 am
by snovy
next joke one guy was going on the road with his car when his car fell

into a ditch of water.the water hyad almost filled the car but just in time

he was pulled up by a guy who had tied his bullcart to his car and pulled

him up.he said thanks and gave him 100$.then he asked him"what job do

you do?" he said "i help people all the time" then he asked him "oh the

whole day?" he said " no exept in the morning." so the man asked him

"what do , you do in the morning?" he said" i fill this ditch with water"

moral - dont trust thieves.

i hope my joke arent too big.and your not skippin them there awesom.