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t w e a k i n g t r i c k s

Post by levbot » Fri Jul 29, 2005 12:59 pm

now that lugaru 2 is in the works, and im guessing to see it in 6-9 months, and the members of this forum have pretty much discovered all there is to see hidden in this game. before setting my sights to L2, I plan to release 2 or 3 more map packs. this is like the most viewed and longest forum section, and I will try to extract all of the vital info we discovered from this page and convert it to the wiki.

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Post by turner » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:29 pm

I made a BRICK O DEATH!!

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Post by Crill3 » Fri Feb 09, 2007 5:31 pm


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Post by KoKoBean » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:25 am


WHy usagi says only : :!: ?

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Post by BunnyWithStick » Thu Jun 26, 2008 5:52 am

Ultra bump… Why do these new arrivals always bump so much? Just because something is unread doesn't mean it isn't five years old… Or one year old.

Anyway, Usagi's posts are like that because he went all ragey and edited all his* posts to ":!:". Then he* came back.


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Re: t w e a k i n g t r i c k s

Post by zip » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:09 pm

levbot wrote:now that lugaru 2 is in the works, and im guessing to see it in 6-9 months...

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Post by Renegade_Turner » Thu Jun 26, 2008 12:25 pm

I also lol'd @ that, Zip.

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old mods

Post by Mastercrazy » Thu Jun 26, 2008 4:33 pm

does anyone know where all of the old mods have gone?
alot of the ones on the wiki dont work anymore and its a shame

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Post by princecinnamonboots » Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:22 pm

To throw a sword I get out a knife. Turn on Slow Motion . Throw it then press X once
(w/ debug mode on)

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Post by 29222908 » Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:09 pm

levbot wrote:here is the textures guide, tweakers!

Tweaker manual, part one…
PART ONE- a basic guide to making textures.
Okay, this guide will show you how to make great textures. A texture is a picture that goes on top of the 3-D “.solid” files made by David, Lugaru creator. Basically, what you want to do with separate texture is add you own touch of flavor to the game. You can make radically different versions of Lugaru. Thereare different forms of textures. Some are solid pictures that are just pictures. But not all of them. Some are textures that are see-through in some places. These are textures like the knife, which has see-through holes. When you make a texture something unreadable (like a .png file instead of a .jpg file) it changes to a random texture. These are the basic rules of how textures work.
--You can use Photoshop filters to change a texture, but all that does is keep the same picture, just with a twist (a new color scheme, perhaps? Some recommended filters- chrome, note paper, cutout, graphic pen, liquefy, difference clouds, and charcoal.

-The second way to make textures is by opening an already made file and drawing or pasting images onto that. This method is good for changing small details, like giving a rabbit bling-bling or maybe even some new clothes. You can get pictures from the internet (see below), and paste them onto the file.

-For some good skin making, make your own from scratch. How, you say? Well, if you go to the “wire frame texture, you will find a perfect map for a skin. Just place the arm on the arm shaped wire are, head on the head wire area. For you confused people, those two diagonal things in the center are the ears. The right body is the front facing one.

-You can download textures from . Usagi showed me this site, and it is fabulous when it comes to getting the right fabric for jeans, or getting a cool tile floor image for something. You can get almost everything on this site. I actually found 10 different textures of different rusted door handles. 10 freaking rusted doorknobs. Did this Mayang person just spend his whole life running with a bottle of whiskey and a digital camera?!?!?! Anyway, it is a very good source. It is on my favorites list, and it should be on yours, too. 90% of my textures for ground stuff come from this site. From jeans to, um… door handles covered in rust, this site is FANTASTIC AND FREE!

-a landscape (snow, desert, forest) is made up of a tree file, a bush file, a box file, a ground file, a shaded ground file, a skybox folder, and a boulder.

-there are a few Easter egg skins, like the David skin, the Donnie Darko skin, the animal skins (otter, lynx, lizardwolf), and some other small textures that have no relevance to the game at all.

-.png-a file with a see-though background. These can be edited to have see-through parts.
-.jpg-with a JPEG file you cant edit it to have see-through parts.

PART 2- what each texture file means.
Belt-a belt file that shows up on some files, but not all of them if you see men with 2 belts, the top one is this file.
Blood-this is what flies out along with teeth when you land really good blows.
Blood(followed by a name)-these are skins from that campaign level where there are bloody dead village bunnies all over. They make okay skins.
Blood Flame- this is what happens when you catch on fire and bleed at the same time. I am pretty sure David just placed the flame picture on top of the blood picture.
Blood Knife-this is you knife when it is at it’s full bloody glory. I don’t know why the texture is so tall, but it stretches the knife out.
Blood Particle- another variation of blood
Blood Particle Inverse- like blood, but just another different variation. Wow.
Body Print- this is what happens when you fall from very high up.
Boulder-this is the texture on rocks in the forest. Desert and snow boulders are the snow and sand variations.
Break-the mark you get when something hits a wall. Ow.
Bush-this is a bush. When you edit these, you will get about 5 stacked on each other, so a mailbox won’t work. I recommend something in a patch, like long grass, flowers, or bamboo
BW2-a black and white skin.
Chocolate- a chocolate-colored skin. David has no prejudice.
Cloud-this is those clouds you see.
Cloud impact-what happens when you hit a cloud
Cursor- the mouse in the game. I changed mine to a happy face.
Dark wolf-the dark colored wolf skin
David-David’s personal skin, with a t-shirt bearing the “I think, therefore Imac” logo.
Desert box-the texture of the architecture of the desert Lugaru area.
Desert tree-a tree made out of various desserts.
Ear wrap- the wrap around a rabbit’s ears. Think doo- rag, rabbit style.
Eyelid- not actually the eyelid on the rabbit file, but the eyelid on the menu screen.
Fancy pants- Turner’s pants. There are camo versions, and so forth.
Fire- the loading screen, not to be confused with flame. Great for inserting subliminal messages.
Flame- what all fire is made out of. You can invert the colors to get blue fire.
Font-the font of Lugaru. I am still working out its complexities.
Footwrap- see ear wrap, the put it on a foot.
Fur- the white fur.
Fur 2-the black fur.
Fur 3- Turner’s fur. Use this for custom skin files.
Fur darko- a great easter egg. This is the imaginary friend in the movie Donnie Darko, in fur form.
GI- A G.I. turner file. It is worth checking it out. Type Rambo in the console.
Grass box- the texture of the architecture of the forest Lugaru area.
Grass dirt- he ground file for the forest area.
Hawk- that flying thing that you will never, ever catch, unless you are cheating.
Head band- a headband. Mine is like a tie.
Heightmap- One of the only textures that I have no idea what it does.
Knife- The knife without any blood on it.
Leaf- the leaves that come out of trees and bushes when you run into them.
Leather armor- the picture of the armor you take from Aspen. Watch out, though. This is a very touchy file. When I tweak it wrong, the results are horrific.
Lightbloodknife- this is a lightly bloodied knife. It is also what the sword files revert to when they are unreadable (see introduction)
Lizardwolf- a crappy version of a smart idea. It is the skin of a wolf, but with scales. David just ran it through a photoshop texture file. See the Otter description for more information on other animal skins.
Logo- wolfire software’s logo.
Longsleeve- a long sleeved shirt.
Lynx- Not a new race, but a nice skin that makes turner look a bit more feline. See otter for my full idea about these weird animal race skins.
Map items- these are mapbox, maparrow, and mapbox. They represent the different shapes on the minimap.
Mossrock- A mossy rock.
In-game text- this is files tahat say the names of the things in the main menu folder. They can be edited to create a quasi-new font. High scores, names, and most other text remains unchanged.
Opal, Sable-A basic skin. Maybe this is for a future character or an old one that David scrapped. Maybe these are further hints that David is planning some new campaign material, but lets not open our beers yet.
Otter- a… otter. As we see above, we could be seeing a future Lugaru species, although out of all the species I want to play as (tiger, elephant, cow, any farm animal), I don’t see why he would choose a otter. Maybe this is a scrapped idea, or just another odd animal skin.
Pants- these are a pair of badly drawn pants. They are good when replaced with the “fancy pants” textures.
Rock- you basic rock. This one is made for the forest. I made mine into an asteroid rock, but I’ve seen cheese rocks, rocks that were piles of bodies, and even rocks made out of fire.
Sand- the basic ground in the desert landscape.
Sand slope- The dark version of the desert landscape.
Scar- that scar that some rabbits sport. Don’t confuse them with the scars you get when you are knife slashed.
Shadow- turner’s shadow. It is a circle. Reeeaaaal inventive, David.
Shine- that glint on a knife that helps you find it. I changed it to a neon pink, so my knives are never lost. One idea I will try is a sign that says “knife here”.
Shirt-the average T-shirt of a rabbit, not to be confused with a robe. My current shirt is a giant target.
Shirt female- a shirt with boobs.
Skyboxes- the skyboxes are those mountains in the distance that you can never seem to reach. There is a skybox folder for each landscape, and are great for tweaking.
Smoke- the smoke that comes off a fire.
Snow- the snow on the ground. Duh.
Snowflake- the snow that falls in the snow levels. If you don’t like snow, you can get just make it a blank file. There isn’t really anything else that can be made from them, except the letter of your first name.
Snowtree- the snow-covered tree.
Snow wolf- the white wolf skin.
Splinter-what you get when you crack a staff on some poor bunny's head.
Staff-What you used to smack that poor guy in the first place.
Swords- the 3 sword types are just varying shades of bloodiness. Sword is a clean one.
Tooth- the thing you smack out of a homie’s mouth when you crack that staff on him. I changed it to text that said “good hit!”
Tree- the forest tree. Be careful editing these.
Wire frame- The basic format for making skin textures. It is an actual picture of the 3-d model.
World- the land of Lugaru. This is a necessity for editing if you are making a campaign. I will release a updated map with rocky hall, village, and wolf den on it.

the hightmap texture controls terrain, try this one
heightmap.png (35.3 KiB) Viewed 11160 times

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Mega bump!!! Why did you bump 4 years? Read the rules.

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woops... sorry

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