Lugaru Video crash on humble bundle #2

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Lugaru Video crash on humble bundle #2

Post by lben » Sat Dec 25, 2010 11:20 pm

Hi there.. i was so happy because you gave me too lugaru from humble bundle #1.. so i downloaded the linux version (i was running ubuntu 10.04) but in the middle of the game without any reason my display puts dark and nothing responded, i tried cntrl+alt+backspace, cntrl+alt+supr, cntrl+alt+f(1-7), alt+tab, but nothing respond.. the unique thing i can do is force shutdown my pc..

I guessed that my linux was the problem so i downloaded the windows version (i have windows 7 professional) and i got the same issue (in middle of the game the display puts dark and nothing respond, just force shutdown)... mm i guessed that it was my video card (an Ati Radeon HD 3200)

Finally i test it on another pc with windows xp and a Nvidia 440 MX video card, but there the game was sooooo slow, i have played another games with greater requirements(prince of persia warrior within) on that pc so i dont think that its a requirements issue.

I read the troubleshooting manual and deactivated the blood as it suggest, but nothing, the problem still, i dont know why its happening in 2 different pcs and 3 different OS..

Is the humble bundle #2 lugaru installer ok??..

Thanks for your help!! i really want to play this game..

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