Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

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Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Tue Jan 04, 2011 1:10 am

I 'so' long for a good text based RP.
And i really wish for some of you people to join in. It may seem a bit dilatory of me to bring something up, which seems to have died out before my time here.

But i assure you, that other new members like me would probably enjoy a good role play session.
I shall set up this event after this little message.
Please feel free to join in. But i wish for you to follow a few of my requirements. And those, i will now display.
Requirements / Rules
1[OOC]: OOC chatting is key. OOC (for those not so used to role playing) means out of character.
It is often a big help, to communicate with your fellow role players, to give tips, help out in general.
Sometimes OOC communication is required to advance the plot. Some people may get confused
and unintentionally mess something up. OOC messages will be displayed by starting a message like. [Example: // Hey Johnny, i'm not really pleased with you killing off this char etc : ]
// = Start : = Closed
2[Voiding]: Take note on this. '' It is not allowed to void any actions, or edit the content in a post after the the following three posts'' (Of course fixing grammatical errors or misspellings is alright).

3[Do not use Uber/God like chars in general unless your BIO can back the character up]: The biography of very powerful chars will be judged harshly, but in a fair way too.
(I will hand pick anyone who i see fit to judge biographies. Of course only if they ask to be judges)

4[Grammar]: I do not expect, having to enforce this rule too much. 'HOW EVER' i expect a post to
be possible to understand.

5[Perspective]: And ofcourse... All RP happens in third person perspective, and so you may use >>Blah<< for direct speech or "Blah" (wich i prefer)

{Any of these rules, will be expected to be followed at all times. I will adjust & add more to the list
if i see fit. I do not wanna start out with a whole bunch. Because too many rules tends to scare people off}

List: End
( All of this is Fan Fiction, and most likely haven't. And never will happen in the world of lugaru)

This fiction is based upon: The world of lugaru.

Timeline: 500 - 800 years before the events of the original game. The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin.

List of the four Great empires:

1: Empire of the Seven deadly sins OR Harkonen[Controlled mainly by wolves]

2: The Grand Celestial Empire OR Caeli [Cat domain mainly]

3: Anvil Empire OR Vhen Rae [Dogs main domain]

4: Sunset Empire Or Chante [Mixed species. Mostly different types of rodents]

Main connection for these four: Central State. Avestris

Warfare & Peace: The Celestial Empire is raging war against the Anvil Empire. Always trying
to make the talented Smiths and Warriors bow in the dust for them. To no avail though.
The Sunset empire is under the protection of the Anvil empire. And in return the Sunset empire
provides alot of the things the anvil empire needs.

But the empire of the Seven deadly sins are keeping to them selves. I will first reveal later on what
is in store for the land of Lugaru.
Feel free to start off making biographies, but no one starts without my say so.


Here's a map over how things are setup. Empires and such. Please don't be confused by Vhen Rae and the Anvil Alliance. All of that is the Canine empire. The only different thing on the inside of the borders of Anvil is, that it's more of an Open Alliance between the sunset empire and Vhen Rae than it is the center of Vhen Rae's empire.

Forgive me for being half assed with the map: Image
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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Lotus Wolf » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:19 pm

Harkonen... hehe... nice.

I'm up for an RP, but I'll be in and out, so my char will be more of a scout, or ranger type dude.

Also, OOC is fine and all, but when there's a template you are required to copy from it's a little "stiff" if you know what I mean. For example, I don't want to have to remember to put // and : before and after my OOC message. It would be easier to place such messages at the top of posts separated by a blank line or two.

As for voiding, I like the system you proposed; three posts after your own, you may no longer make major edits.

Uber characters have always been guarded against in our role plays, so be as strict about that as you like.

You were a little less descriptive about direct speech. Would you prefer dialogue to happen like this?
"Hello there."
"Oh hi."
And do you want people to speak for other characters a little, or just there own?
"Hello there."
/Next post
"Oh hi."

I'll make my character sheet now.

Name: Lotus
Species: Wolf
Occupation: Ranger
Main Weapon: [img=]Large Seax Knife[/img]
Second Weapon: [img= ... owers1.jpg]3 Large Throwing Knives[/img]
Background: Lost his family as a baby and wandered far into the wilderness. He grew and learned completely outside society. His only companion was a small hawk which he had found on his wanderings. Once fully matured, he stumbled back into society. He could not have become more different from the other citizens. He could not stand to live inside the boundaries of any society, and left again. This time his wanderings brought him to a small group of burrows deep in the forests to the west. In these burrows lived rabbits who had similarly escaped society. Lotus told these rabbits his story with the voice he had learned to use in his short stay in the city. They took him in for a time, and taught him a few of the things he had never learned on his own. Soon after he departed again.

Anything else you would like to see in my sheet, let me know.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Tue Jan 04, 2011 3:26 pm

I'm glad you liked the Dune reference Wolf Pun :lol:

And i see your point with the OOC but i prefer to do it like that. Of course it isn't for useless blabbering.

Oh and your Biography is fine. Very simple, love it.

Ah i mixed up your examples :| I'm not a big fan of taking control of other peoples Chars. But the main idea is, that once there has been a post. The person who might be a part of the event.
Describes it with his words, and might add other details, and he might add to the conversation.
Direct speech can be tricky in Text Based RP's because having to wait for other people to post can get quite annoying. But all i can say is. Make your Posts interesting, and have patience.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Lotus Wolf » Wed Jan 05, 2011 8:48 am

Cool, all clarified now.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Wed Jan 05, 2011 1:43 pm

Here goes my bio.
I will put some major details into this bio because i'm gonna make something a bit extreme.
First name: Azuan
Family name: Tonerre
Age: 23
Race: Tiger
Faction: The Grand Celestial Empire
Position: True heir to the throne
Appearance: Image
Father: Azatsu Haruka
Mother: Dina Tonnere
Little brother: Sezuan Tonnere
Little Sister: Sayaka Tonnere [This will not be explained yet]

Weapon of Choice: The Katana Image

Family fighting style: Swordsmanship and Aikido form of the Haruka family

Home: The Haruka Family castle

Background: The war between the Grand Celestial Empire and the Anvil didn't seem to have a start anywhere in history. Rather, it was like it existed since the dawn of time. Always would the Cats fight the dogs. You know how it goes. It's in their blood, it's a rare thing the two wouldn't fight.
In fact, if you were aligned to any of these factions, most likely would you fight against your counterpart, how ever. Those who deserted, to make a peaceful life for them selves, also learned to leave the past behind them. Some even managed to make friends with each other. Of course
no Emperor would notice that in the heat of battle, 'until'.

The Celestial Empire's emperor died due to being assassinated. His only son managed to survive the attack, since he was out journeying with his master. The boys name was Azatsu Haruka,
the heir to the throne of the Celestial Empire. He was not at all pleased with the murder of his father. He tried various things to stop the endless bloodshed. Assaults on the Anvil, massive armies. And yet nothing could stop the Anvil. Negotiation was never in the boys thoughts.
He would fight fire with fire. And in the end he had to face it. It was the stupidest idea he could
have gotten.

He then met her. Dina Tonnere, a skilled warrior. With a need to settle things peacefully.
Even if it meant disarming her foe first. She would never strike to kill.

He was fascinated by her ability to calm people around her down.
One thing led to the other, and soon enough they were mates.

After two years together, Dina Tonnere gave birth to Azatsu's sons.

Azuan and Sezuan.

As the years went by the two had been friends for as long as anyone could remember.
That is. Till envious thoughts of Sezuan's elder brother started moving around inside his head.

Sezuan lacked the bond Azuan had with their father. At the age of fifteen Azatsu called forth Azuan
for their usual training sessions in the garden. Though it wasn't sparring the father craved of his son. He did not call for Sezuan the younger brother, due to a private matter between the two.

[Azatsu during his conversation with Azuan]

The father was aware of Sezuan eavesdropping on them, but he could not care less about it.
The boy had been a huge disappointment to him. He did not even present to him the honor
of being present when his brother got the news directly from the emperor 'their father' self.

The hatred for Azuan grew ten fold that day.

Four years after the events, Sezuan had enough of his father and brother. And decided, for them to suffer the same fate as Azatsu's father once had. And he cut a deal with some low life scum, to get
his own noble blood murdered, so he could come to power.

Soon after the murder of his father, Sezuan played it off gracefully by blaming the emperor of Anvil
who not long ago, negotiated peace with the emperor of The Celestial Empire him self.
This placed him in a good light once again, but the Citizens of the Celestial Empire wanted
Azuan Tonerre to take over for the old emperors place. This infuriated Sezuan and he ordered yet another team of assassins to take out his older brother. But they seemed to be no match to Azuan.
As soon as Sezuan came to check the location of his 'supposed to be dead' brother. Azuan was waiting for him there. It was short battle.

Clearly Sezuan didn't stand a chance against his more agile counterpart. Twice as skilled in any art he knew. Soon enough Azuan dealt a furious blow with an elbow to his brothers stomach.
As he was winded, Azuan offered him a chance to surrender, and he would spare his life.
Sezuan growled, grabbing a torch from a near by soil, swinging it in front of Azuan, who was blinded by the flame and recieved minor, yet painful burns to the face. As he raised both arms in shock, he accidently cut up Sezuan's right eye, permanently destroying it. Both men were on their knee's dealing with their pain. Soon guards came rushing in, seeing the bloodshed of Sezuan.
As the little brother saw his chance, he pointed a finger at Azuan, claiming that he was mistaken.
And that it was in reality Azuan who had the Emperor brutally Assassinated. Due to the duel
and Sezuan's dramatic acting, the guards ate it raw. Azuan barely managed to escape.

And as planned Sezuan came to power, like he always wanted.

[ Sezuan threatening his mother]

Dina Tonerre the boys mother had Sezuan figured out from the very start.
He threatened her, with things such as taking her life, if she attempted to get Azuan on the throne
again. Just a day after, she left her boy to live peacefully in Avestris. The central of the island of Lugaru. Hoping she would one day meet her beloved son there.
Life as a Ronin
Azuan made money in anyway he could. Usually he would take jobs as bouncer in Chante's Tavern
The Rogue and Hawk (Named after a certain person).

He did not ask for much. And he did not spare the Empire a single thought. If they wanted him back
they would come get him. For now, he was a free man. To him, it felt amazing.

Of course, in due time. He would retrieve what his father entrusted him with.
Sezuan would pay for his crimes.

I hope you like it.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:50 am

I am very sorry about this double post.
I see now why other threads like this have been undermined.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by blood-shard » Sun Jan 09, 2011 5:12 pm

Oh, sweet. I'm in, i haven't text rp'ed in a very long time.

Your requirements are a little wierd, but i will adapt.

Sweet biography by the way.

Name: Edward Albrecht
Age: 14
Species: Jackrabbit/Hare
Appearance: (He's not very tall. Perhaps 5'4 F) Image

Weapon: Wooden stick which is the same length of a standard sword. Nothing fancy

Background: Edward was born on the country side of the Sunset empire, Chante.
He grew up as a single child with his parents, to become a farmer like his dad.
Sadly things didn't go quite as expected. And the village: Ethereal, was assaulted by wolves from the high lands of the Seven deadly sins Harkonen. Little of the villages inhabitants survived. Sadly
that meant mostly children, and elder people.

Not long after, Edward decided staying just to mourn the death of his parents would do him no good. And he set out for the island of Lugaru's central. Avestris was rumored to be the state of endless opportunity.

What he would encounter there, was hard to say. He had only heard of the lands around him.
Always wanted to see them, but his parents would warn him about the things on the outside borders of Chante.

Now, he couldn't care less. He set out to forge his own destiny.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:14 pm

Oh nice... pretty short but your character isn't very advanced.
Some huge buff warrior or anything. I like it, you're in.
Sadly we will have to start soon because people aren't really making an attempt to join.
I must be doing something wrong.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Ragdollmaster » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:06 pm

I guess I'll join. Maybe it'll gain more participants as we get some pages filled up :)

Name: Stellos (Stay-yos)
Species: Bat
Occupation: Assassin/Scout
Appearance: A bipedal bat with a thin but roped build that grants him both strength and endurance while maintaining agility. Charcoal black-gray fur with reddish eyes. About 5' tall, with a wingspan of around 10'.
Primary Weapon: Two daggers
Secondary Weapon: Throwing knives
Inventory: Poisoned needle; smoke bomb.

Background (General) - With bats being the only winged mammals in existence, they have a major advantage over their fellow anthropomorphic creatures: the ability of flight. While there have been some attempts to tame the enormous flying birds of Lugaru, the inhabitants of the island have mostly been unsuccessful save for a few dedicated mercenaries, and no organized army to date has aerial units within their ranks. Bats are relatively light and agile, but because of their winged arms, it is difficult for them to wear any body armor save for chest plates and light leggings. Thus, they cannot protect their two most vulnerable body parts- their wings, covered in nothing but a thin membrane, and their head, with ultrasensitive ears that could be adversely affected by a helmet.

These bats in the world of Lugaru are indigenous to an island chain about 50 miles southeast of Lugaru, known to the natives as "Triangologa", originally populated only by bats and some feral animals such as birds of paradise, fish, and insects. Trianlogola consists of three large islands which form a circle and are connected by bridges and ship ports. These three islands are mainly used as military barriers, and are thus filled with soldiers and governmental officials. Encircled by the three large islands, shielded by both natural and artificial protections, lays an archipelago which consists of around 30 smaller islands. They are all very densely populated, with homes and other residential buildings laying on the outer islands, while shops and markets lay on the inner islands.
According to legend, about thousand years ago, a bat known as Utanke once flew away from the islands in search of other lands. After flying long and hard, he eventually reached an enormous island; Lugaru. Upon meeting some of the rabbit inhabitants, he was taken in with generosity and hospitality, and he stayed there for weeks before flying back to Triangologa to gather up some of his fellows. The natives of Lugaru were in deep want of the bats' ability to fly and maneuver, while the bats envied the rabbits' intelligence and their unobstructed hands which allowed them to build complex structures. Thus, a tribe of rabbits decided to employ the bats as fighters and scouts in a small war against the wolves; in exchange, they would travel back with them to Triangologa and help them create buildings and other structures.

The bats proved a deadly surprise to the wolves, who had never before seen such creatures. Their flight allowed them to reach the highest and most well-concealed wolf dens in utter silence, descending upon them at night and slaughtering entire packs without any effort. Once word spread, the wolves began fortifying their dens even more, arranging for guards to watch over the packs during nighttime. The bats could not be as direct as before; however, they still proved useful in spying on the wolves, and they were even able to assassinate two of the alpha wolves. During ferocious battles in the daytime, the bats were known to fly behind the wolf infantry lines and then dive on their backs, injuring, killing, or at least distracting the normally fierce fighters. As this tactic grew stale, however, the wolves were able to learn how to dodge such swoops and even how to counter them with great leaps into the air. Wings and talons were no match for claws as large as knives and teeth that could crush skulls, and many bats unexpectedly died at this point in the war- up to 100 in a single battle. However, with the wolves eventually retreating and backing off of their advance into rabbit territory, the bats wished to return home with rabbit architects and engineers. But the rabbits had no way of traveling such great distances at sea- they had always been confined to Lugaru. Thus, the bats had to wait for them to develop boats and ships, which would not only be used in the initial transport of rabbits to Triangologa, but would also later make up its supply lifeline.

The rabbits who first came to Trianlogola felt that they would not be able to settle there and wished to leave as soon as they had drawn up the plans for the bats' structures and left. However, to the bats, this was unacceptable; they could not come up with later designs to replace the rabbits' structures once they were aged, and they could not even build the rabbits' initial design. One wise rabbit suggested that the bats, whom he knew to be highly skilled warriors, to spread out to different lands and offer up their military service in exchange for building materials and slave workers. The rabbits would teach a select group of bats about engineering and architecture, and it would be their responsibility to pass it on to the next generation. Hence, the architects and engineers taught their bat students, while ships from Lugaru constantly came ferrying raw building materials, and while scouts and diplomats flew around in search of other lands. Eventually the bats profited immensely from selling their soldiers in return for slaves, and they were easily able to transport them to Trianlogola with the use of the rabbits' ships. Today, slave labor is how the bats continue to make and maintain structures such as homes, bridges, barracks, walls, etc. They maintain a good relationship with the rabbits of Lugaru and continue to receive occasional updates on engineering and architecture from various scholars on the island.

Background (Specific) - Stellos is an anthropomorphic "flying fox" bat. Unlike his smaller relatives, Stellos is of the Vampyrus family of bats, the largest and strongest of the bat order. Flying foxes don't use echolocation- they have instead adopted large, keen eyes which function very well in dark areas, as well as ears that can pick up the lightest of sounds. Stellos was born on Trianlogola, and as a strong, relatively large male, trained as a soldier. As a soldier, he was mainly drilled in frontal aerial assaults and fast-paced Guerrilla warfare; however, one of the more experienced commanders of the bat ranks took a liking to Stellos' style, and he handpicked him- like many before him- as his disciple in the Assassin Arts. Stellos learned about reconnaissance, concealment, deception, lightning fast strikes that were always a coup de grâce. His arsenal expanded from a simple short sword to custom built daggers, throwing knives, poisoned needles, smoke bombs: anything and everything that would help him accomplish what he needed to accomplish. Stellos was transformed from a raw-talented soldier into a shadow of death.

Note: While highly skilled at combat, Stellos, as a light ninja-like assassin, relies on Guerrilla tactics, stealth, and "dirty tricks" to win his fights. In a direct confrontation against, say, a rabbit or wolf, he would be ripped to shreds. Bats are fragile and can't wear armor. Although he could arguably win a one-on-one sword fight, he would most likely avoid that risk entirely through the use of stealth or his wings. Definitely not a tough front-line warrior. His skill comes from killing his enemies before they even notice him, or before they can react to his sudden appearance.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:02 am

Oh Ragdoll Master, how i envy your talent for writing long and detailed biographies.
I am in awe.

And bats ? that's just a brilliant idea. You sir, deserve some type of medal. Hold on *Opens a lid in the floor, tumbles down into the darkness. And returns shortly after* Image

I offer you, the job of double checking and judging biographies.
Accept or Deny, it's your choice :D

Love your bio. It's win, and definitely IN.
Edit: Oh and by the way, please feel free to change the story of Surrounding islands, villages on the island of Lugaru. Things like that. Just like he did. It's brilliant so to say.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Janro » Tue Jan 11, 2011 11:31 am

I can't believe my first post is for an RP thread. Anyway, if this thing is still going to push through I'd like to join. Image is to come, hopefully.


Name: Xinal
Species: Mackarel Tabby Cat
Age: early 20s

Primary Weapon: Single Short Sword
Secondary Weapon: ‘Rattan’ Stick

Fighting stance: A basic version of Arnis (a.k.a. Eskrima)

Description: He stands at a mere 5’1” with normally an air of confidence that could be mistaken for an individual looking for trouble. His coat has a matted sand yellow color which is marked with orange stripes. His emerald green eyes give one the impression of a hatred for the world but under a certain light, it looks more like those of a longing soul. The cat wears a dark faded green robe-like shirt with an equally dirty tough brown cloth shorts. A bell attached to a collar around his neck is also a part of the attire, dissuading most slaves to run as this gives away their position. Protecting him from the occasional stabs and slashes is a simple dull plate armor held in place by its straps with the aid of cloth wrapping accompanied by a matching shoulder armor on his left. Mere cloth wrapping comprise his footwear to protect him on his quests. From time to time however he is seen rubbing a red bracelet on his right hand.

Background: Xinal lived a happy childhood with his family in a village off the coast of the mainland. This all came to an end one day when raiders passed through their area. Xinal was having a nice peaceful time training with his grandfather some basic self defense arts. His grandfather demonstrated three hit strike with the short but firm wooden stick in his hand. The young kitten followed the demonstration with good form, but a slight lack of finesse. Green innocent eyes looked up to ask for advice or affirmation. What greeted them was an arrow pointing at him coated in his grandfather’s blood. He mewed in fear, watching the body fall as shadows advanced upon his feet. He scrambled backwards to try and flee from the raiders while screams from his friends and neighbours echoed from the village. Mewling with fear and anxiety the kitten holds up his paws to cover his face from a blade that threatened to slit his throat.

He was spared. Along with several others. Mostly young adults to older children that weren’t capable of fighting but capable of doing work. Soon Xinal found himself being sold for a sack of rice. Possession over him was passed on from individual to individual till he couldn’t take note of how far he’s gone anymore.

Amidst the workload dumped on him, he always found time to stand beneath the moon and the stars. Only then can he forget his situation. He practiced what little he’s been taught by his grandfather in the middle of an empty field. There’s one tree with firm branches which he fashioned into a stick much like what he used to train with. He practiced strikes amidst the chirping of the crickets, stances beneath the drifting of the clouds, and when dawn is near he hides the stick amidst roots of a tree before making his way back for some rest and a day of toiling work. This went on for several years until he couldn’t take it anymore.

Xinal had made up his mind at one point to flee this life that has been forced upon him. He locates cotton wraps to wrap around his feet and leg to protect him on his trek, for he had no footwear, as well as his waist to keep his loose slave garb from getting caught as he ran.

Two soldiers guarded the gate into and out of the property. If they caught him he’d be punished, if not killed. And so he did what he could do and mustered what training he had. Using his makeshift armament he succeeds to knock out one of the guards. After an exchange of strikes, he managed to disarm the last and use his opponent’s own weapon against him.

This marks the first time he stained his paws with someone else's blood. However this was no time for him to reflect. He loots the two guards sprawled on the ground for money, a short sword, a simple chestplate and a single shoulder armor.

Now he wanders the land trying to live the life he lost. Youthful enthusiasm blinds him from the fact it will never be the way he thinks it should be.


I didn't quite specify as to who owned this cat during slavery. After reading through Ragdoll Master's and thought that perhaps he could be related to the slavery done there but that's just an idea. If I'm missing anything in the bio just tell me and I'll add it in.
Edit: Forgot to complete his description the other day.
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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Egan » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:55 pm

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:30 pm

Janro wrote:I can't believe my first post is for an RP thread. Anyway, if this thing is still going to push through I'd like to join. Image is to come, hopefully.

Very well written.
It's in. Let me make it clear though. You stuff the things you find important about your char, into this bio. There's no official way of doing it. A detailed explanation of your character can beat the crap out of a reference picture any day ;)

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Lotus Wolf » Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:50 pm

Looks like this is picking up a bit. I'll place my character near (but far away from) the Harkonen empire to start, in a small chante town. Note that when I said "chante town" I meant a small group of makeshift houses put together by a band of homeless people.

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Re: Lugaru Text RP: The Decrepit Epoch of Ruin

Post by Indigo » Wed Jan 12, 2011 8:31 am

That reminds me, i might wanna make a map over the current Main RP possibility location and such.
Rubbish. You know what i mean. I'll do that, and i might add towns and things to several mini maps later.
I say you all should go ahead and start up the rp for now. I'll slowly adapt and rp with you guys later on.

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