What is Hickory's master plan?

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What is Hickory's master plan?

Post by Chalky » Wed Feb 16, 2011 11:42 pm

In the original Lugaru campaign when you talk to Hickory on the level before the Wolf Den, Hickory says that he is not fighting the wolves out of cowardice but because it is part of his master plan. So I was wondering, what do you guys think his master plan is? Now the main reason I want to know is because in the campaign I'm making, Hickory survives and enacts his master plan and I can't really think of that good of a plan. So if you guys could help me out that would be awesome.

I was thinking that maybe it has to do with like an neighboring empire, kingdom or the like and Hickory is trying to trick them into a war or something like that. The wolves have to be implemented somehow, because I think the campaign would be sorta boring with the enemies being nothing but rabbits. So yeah, any ideas you guys might have I would love to see 'em.


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Re: What is Hickory's master plan?

Post by Kicktar » Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:12 pm

He probably thought he could use the wolves and rule the whole continent, that's probably what he meant.

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Re: What is Hickory's master plan?

Post by sriven » Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:25 pm

In the mod ancesrial tales, he wanted to use the power of the death tribe.

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Re: What is Hickory's master plan?

Post by Nekros22 » Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:17 pm

Hickory did show us all in the game that he possessed some key knowledge about the surrounding area and remarkable foresight.

1.) He knew about the martial arts prowess of Turner. This isn't all that impressive as it is implied during the game that Turner has had a long history of heroics. Turner was a blunt instrument to be misdirected towards a target. Which brings us to...

2.) He knew that the Raiders posed some form of threat to the Wolves and, by extension, himself. The Raiders "bow to no one" and were therefore obstacles to be destroyed. Turner was the linch-pin to this end; the death of his family would be pawned off on the Raiders.

3.) He knew about the past of the Wolves. Hickory made it clear that he had no intention of allowing the Wolves to deal any real lasting damage to the Rabbits and he knew that the voraciousness of the Wolves would be detrimental to his long term plans. Considering the kind of highly skilled help Hickory employed, it can be surmised that the purpose of the Wolves extended no farther than some sort of distraction, another blunt instrument to be directed towards a target.

This leaves us with two prevalent options.

Option #1: Hickory was going to use the Wolves to terrorize outlying or unaligned Rabbit communities in order to spur these groups into alliance with him. The Wolves are powerful but not invincible; a combined force of highly trained rabbits (or one masterfully trained one) could dispatch them with little difficulty. The Wolves would be taken care of and Hickory would be hailed as a hero.

Option #2 (The more likely one): Hickory was planning to use the Wolves much like he used Turner. An unknown third party (perhaps the Cats?) was causing him more problems than Raiders and Wolves combined, so he wanted to get rid of both before tackling the greater threat. The Raiders were destroyed by Turner and the Wolves could at least prove useful in distracting the third party long enough for him to organize a proper invasion/defense force.

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