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Post by Zantalos » Sun Jun 25, 2006 11:57 am

YTMND is a cult man! They seriously have the craziest things happening at that site.

Right now, the current fad is getting some Russian Internet chatroom girls to put a shoe on their head. Surprisingly, alot of them do it, hell, so many ytmnd users have gone to that site that they actually put up on the news boards, a whole section dedicated to "shoe on head." That's a mean fanbase!

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Post by leDoOd » Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:25 pm

HAHAHAHA! That's hilarious! :lol:

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Post by Mike_Cuzins » Wed Jun 28, 2006 12:26 am

That 'Zombism' one is nuts! But I dont think it is true.

EG: If you tie a string around your wrist and stop the blood flow to your hand for long enough (easily less than 2 days) you get gangrene, (in other words, your hand is dead for good.) Same thing happens when you die, the blood flow stops, you get gangrene and the muscles and other tissues die.

In conclusion: Although there is a remote possibility that this malaria can start the heart again it is impossible for the body to get up and attack people because of brain damage.

(I probably missed the part that said "this is all one big lie." so now i look like a dickhead!)

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