Help Editor Please 2017

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Help Editor Please 2017

Post by BananeOrange » Sun Oct 22, 2017 5:41 am

First I'm sorry for my english, I'm player Frenchman. :arrow:

I have 3 questions in editor: :|
-How make "dead_body" for new character in other game of 2 campaigns? :?:

- How make that Rabbits characters stoped to run away when they see Wolf? And even if the rabbits lose binding, they go a battle and try hurt. Because in the question, I have the map custom or Rabbits Soldiers going battle with Wolfs, but has every time they run away. :?:

-And last question, in new version of Overgrowth, how color the name of the character in cinematic: exemple: Turner has always spoke in color green in cinematic of the new Campaign Overgrowth :?: "Overgrowth Campaign"

Thank for read and for your answers. :wink:

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Re: Help Editor Please 2017

Post by halzoid » Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:12 am

No worries about the bad English, it was easy enough to understand.
1: Dead bodies
You can select an NPC's spawn and press Ctrl+K to make them dead at spawn. I think the posistion they're in when you press Ctrl+k determines how their ragdoll will be, so knocking them out, then positioning them before pressing it is important.

2: Scared param:

Press U to bring up the parameters, create a new parameter and call it 'scared'. Done

3: Name colours
Not entirely sure about this one, but if you open the dialogue editor for those conversations in Overgrowth you can find out

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