Invert mouse? (Receiver)

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Invert mouse? (Receiver)

Post by FINbit » Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:33 pm

Hi there,

Just curious if there is a way to invert the aim. I don't see anything in the menu before launch. I'm having issues with aim. :)


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Re: Invert mouse? (Receiver)

Post by _12 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 3:56 pm

I would like to know this as well. Some utility maybe if there is no option in game?

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Re: Invert mouse? (Receiver)

Post by Nostalgic_Link » Fri Jun 22, 2012 12:44 am

I would LOVE to know this as well, considering I just payed for the game that I can't play.

There was no mention of such a common technical feature not being embedded either...

Total BS.

Only $5? So what? I'm pissed.

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Re: Invert mouse? (Receiver)

Post by Rewjeo » Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:42 am

Guys, it's not in for a reason. Unity kinda sucks in some ways and it's not nearly as easy to add it in as it should be. One member was able to invert the mouse in his own game, but he made it clear it's not an easy thing to do. It isn't in because of laziness, it isn't in because this is a 7 day $5 game and with all the features planned to be put in, taking the time to add in an inverted mouse option (mind you, it could take a lot more effort to add it in as an option than to simply replace the normal method) wasn't an effective use of time. Given the amount of grief this forum has seen regarding this issue, though, (seriously, we only need one topic about this issue, maybe two since one could be in the SPF and one here) I wouldn't be surprised to see this feature added in at some point.

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Re: Invert mouse? (Receiver)

Post by purple_pixie » Mon Jun 25, 2012 11:52 pm

Scratch all that - just get the latest version, it's now included :-)
[+] If you care
To clarify (since I think I am said "one member") it's easy enough to do in your own game, sure.
What's hard is making it toggle-able.
And yes, that failing is entirely with Unity's default Input Manager.

All that lovely key binding config screen at the beginning, that's basically using Unity's built-in key configurer.
Which does all sorts of lovely things for you ... except allowing you to invert an axis through it.
You can't even set the axis's "is inverted" flag through code.
You'd have to manually check your own flag every time you reference the mouse's y-coordinate in the code.

Still, for the sake of all the people who hate non-inverted mouses, and who also have the time and inclination to try to fix it, I'll give a little rundown of how it's done.

Things you'll need:
1) Unity. There's a free version you can get which will work fine for our purposes (I used it), just Google something to the tune of "Unity game engine" (I'm not sure if Wolfire appreciate offsite links, so I'll pass on those - if you haven't the Google-fu to find it, you're probably not up to the rest of this process. No offence)

2) Git. This is totally free and also easy enough to find, I'm not 100% you'll need this, but it's the easiest way to get the Unity project source.

So, I'm going to assume you have downloaded and installed (to wherever you like) both of those.
First thing to do is to get the Receiver source via git:
Open up a git console (the shortcut should be called something like "git bash")

You should be staring at a console with some git-related version / help text, followed by:

<username>@<computername> /c/users/<username>

(where username and computername are your username and computer's name)
So navigate to your desktop by entering:

cd Desktop

You should now be looking at:

<username>@<computername> /c/users/<username>/desktop

So now you need to actually get the source.
To do so, enter:

git clone git://

It should announce that it is "Cloning into 7DFPS" and create a folder called 7DFPS on your desktop
Git will then proceed to download the project for you.
If you fail at this step, you can also probably download the project as a zip direct from, but I never got that to work, but it might be an option.

Part the second:
I'm now going to assume you have somehow gotten the github repository onto your PC and have Unity installed.
So fire up Unity, and when it asks you for a project, select "open other" from the bottom left, and navigate to the folder you downloaded / had git download (it should be called 7DFPS)

This is not the folder that you want to tell Unity to open as the project, but it does contain that folder.
The folder you want Unity to open is the "UnityProject" folder within 7DFPS.

Once that's selected, it might take a minute or so but it should open up the Unity editor.
There will be many strange screens and buttons and things, but just ignore all that. You don't need change anything except the mouse.
So, in the toolbar (top of the screen) select "Edit" and then "Project Settings" and from there click on "Input"
The pane on the right ("Inspector") should now be editing the Input Manager.
It should show a list of axes defined by the game, the one we're interested in is called "Mouse Y"
Click on that, and it should expand to show you its "Name", "Descriptive Name" and so on.
The field we care about (I'm really hoping you've already guessed this) is called "Invert"
This should have a little unchecked checkbox next to it. Check the box.

And that was it. Really, just that one little checkbox.

So now you just need to go back to the toolbar and hit "File" and then "Build and Run"
This'll bring up yet another scary looking window, just click "Build" and it should prompt you where to save it.
This is where you're going to put the compiled, inverted version of Receiver you're going to play on your computer, so pick somewhere nice.

Hopefully a moment later it should have compiled and built a shiny new version all ready for you to play.
So do so, and enjoy.

And then the most frustrating part - you can't actually give this new version to anybody else :lol:

This is no fault of Wolfire's, licensing's a real bitch and there's no way you can ever make money on anything if you let people edit and re-distribute it at will, so sadly the best you can do is link people to this and hope they can work it out for themselves (like I'm doing with you)

If any part of this fails, you're basically on your own.
You can try PM'ing me, if you like - you might even get a reply.
Heck, if you're amazingly polite and spell literally everything correctly, you tell me what you've done and what exactly failed and how, I'm in a good mood and I happen to like your username, that reply might even be me trying to help you ...
Anyways, good luck.

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