HTC Vive and Motion Control support

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HTC Vive and Motion Control support

Post by ColeusRattus » Sun Jun 26, 2016 2:12 am

Having recently gotten my fingers on a HTC Vive and being a long time Wolfire fan, I noticed that reciever would be a perfect fit for the VR set with precise motion controls and room scale tracking!

Now I do not know if wolfire even develops Reciever further, but if not, getting it working on Vive would be a good enough reason to get back to it.

The only Gameplay issue that I could come up with was movement, and that could be solved much like the "Dash" option in the Vive Home application: You point to your desired destination and instead of blinking, like in many other games, you visibly dash to that location.
Another approach could be to use one of the pads' (possibly of the left hand) touchpad to move more than what room scale or standing VR would allow for.

Well, as I have no inkling on how great a task supporting the Vive would be, here's me hoping that it's doable!

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Re: HTC Vive and Motion Control support

Post by rodeje25 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 2:29 am this guy is currently making aremake of receiver and he considered vr support once.

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