[Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

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[Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by Lexusex » Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:12 pm

It seams spoiler tags are not working.

Aim of the mod: Adding more content(cards, events), reworking the rules, making the game less competitive, more epic RPG-like environment with friends helping out each other, and foes stabbing other players in the back.
Games can take up to 2 hours, so this could be not for you.

---Game: World of Imperia fell into dark times. In desperation Gods send 4 unlikely allies onto the quest of uncovering secrets of beyond ad bringing peace back to the world. Will they succeed in working together, or will they follow their own dreams and agenda.
*Goal: There are a lot of different events and triggers which end the game and decide who is the winner.

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Examples (list not complete):Consumed by Beyond: Slay the Gate Keeper. 
Legendery Hero: Player collected more than 50% of Underworld monster cards. 
Filthy Rich: Collect 50 gold.
Forbidden knowledge: Uncover Mysteries of Beyond.
Cursed Soul: Send other players into Abyss. 
*Board and cards: Board is a bit wider, locations are renamed,some tiles tweaked, and type of card called Event is introduced.

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There are 6 types of Event cards:Wilderness,Castle,Underworld,Beyond, Special and Town. First 4 are drawn after battle if battle is won. Town card is drawn when you "Spend the Night" in town tile. Special event is very rare.
*Heroes: Red Ranger, Green Knight, Yellow Wizard, Blue Thief. Choice of Hero impacts certain events and what attribute gets with +1 on game start.
* Attributes: 4 Attributes: Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, Agility. Max Attribute is 5 points.
Each hero starts with +1 in their Attribute. Attributes help players in different ways:

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Strength allows to wear heavy equipment, and ignore enemy special rules such as Tough or Crushing Blow among other things.

Agility allows players to avoid traps by moving one tile back, easily escape from encounters , and ingore enemy special rules such as Steady Aim and Ambush among other things.

Intelligence allows to use more powerful spells, and ignore enemy special rules such as Elemental and Ethereal  among other things.

Dexterity allows to use of extra dice when moving, and ignore enemy special rules such as Hard to Hit and Toxic among other things.
Attributes are increased via equipment temporarily and via training permanently. (You cant however raise atribute via training past 1). Information on what exactly atribute does at lvl 1 through 5 is coming up.

*Creatures: Creatures have types such as Monster, Human, etc, which might affect some equipment and other events. Creatures also have special rules.
Some examples:

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Tough: -1 on Attack roll.
Hard to hit: -1 on Attack roll.
Steady aim: Enemy gets +1 on Attack roll.
Elemental: Enemy gets +1 on Attack roll.
*Moving: Moving is not changed from original DG. Roll 2 d6 and choose one value to move.

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Enemies have stats on their cards: Attack and Defense. Some creatures might have more than 1 hit point. (if so it is represented on the art with appropriate number of red blood drops). Player allways rolls his attack roll first( unless other rules are in effect). Attack roll is a d6 roll. To successfully hit enemy attack roll must be equal or more than enemies defense stat. If it is a hit, enemy looses 1HP. If enemy has no HP left, you win. You take enemy card into your Trophy pile and collect number of gold written on card(if any), and draw an event card. If enemy has HP left, or you missed enemy strikes back by rolling d6 and comparing it to his attack stat. Unless other rules are in effect you loose 1 HP if it is a hit. At this point you may choose to escape by rolling 3+ on d6. IF passed enemy card is moved onto its deck and deck is shuffled. You end your turn. If failed, combat continues with you rolling first.
*Trophies:Some enemy cards have Trophy written on the bottom. Example:
Trophy: You may roll 4 d6 instead of 2 to move. Another player chooses which move you take.
Trophy: Cemetery tile effect is no longer random.
This means as long as this card is on top of your trophy pile you have this effect. Whenever another creature is put into your trophy pile you may replace it with this creature, or leave it on top..


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When player passes the town tile, player can choose to "spend the night" there. To do so cancel any remaining movement, draw a town event card, regenerate your hp and end the turn. 
Whenever this players next turn begins, before movement rolls are made, player can visit market in the morning. 
Market: When entering market after "spending the night", player can choose to "restock the market". To do so draw 3 new Spoils and shuffle old ones into the Spoils pile. Restock only once per spent night and only before any purchases.  Replace any empty market slots with new items only at the end of your turn.
If you die, you appear in town on [b]the beginning of your next turn[/b]. You can visit the market before movement rolls as normal, but cannot restock,nor can you draw Town events.
* Equipment:Players have 3 equipment slots and only can carry that much. All items take up one slot, unless other rules are in effect (for example Wizard or highly intelligent Hero can treat scrolls,books and spells at 1/2 or even 1/3 of equipment). Equipment have their own special rules, however there are some shared rules. Example:
Exquisite: You can only actively use on copy of this equipment. You can still carry more than one for selling.

Equipment can be sold for half price in town market on visit. When sold it is shuffled into Spoils pile. Or it can be discarded when on any tile. If so, any player who lands on that turn on that tile can claim it if he manages to roll a 6. Otherwise it is put into discard pile.
*Discard pile: When equipment is lost,discarded,broken,stolen by npc. It is moved into discard pile at the beginning of next turn of its previous owner. Next time someone restocks the market (see *Town) after restock is made discarded pile is shuffled into Spoils pile.

*HP: Everyone has 3 HP. Hp is fully regenerated if Night is spent in Town, or by other tiles and events. 1 HP is regenerated on a roll of 2 sixes on move roll.( Inspired by someone on this forum, please take credit).


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 When HP is reduced to 0 player dies. 
-IF player dies to a creature or world event, he loses one randomly chosen equipment, 2 random creatures from creature pile and half of his money rounded up. If money is below 5 coins. He looses them all.
Lost creatures immediately put into their piles and piles are shuffled. Equipment is immediately put into discard pile.
Coins however are placed on the tile where player died. If another player or player that died land on this tile during their next turns the can roll a d6. If result is 5-6, player claims all gold. When whole turn is passed and gold is not claimed, gold is moved to limbo pile.
-IF player dies to a hand of another player, victorious player chooses one:
-Gold:Victorious player rolls d6. 1-4 player claims 50% of dead players gold. 5-6 player claims all of it.
-Equipment: player gets one random equipment from dead player.
-Trophy: player gets 2 random creatures from dead player.
After that follow the rest of the death procedures, excluding the victorious players choice( meaning if equipment is chosen, don't discard one equipment, but move 2 creatures to piles and move half of gold to limbo).
Dead player does not exist on the board until his next turn. At the beginning of his next turn he appears in town.

*Player interaction:When passing each other players can trade equipment and trophies.If players land on same title or on neighboring tiles they can challenge each other either on the beginning of their turn, or before they resolve the tile they landed on.
* Challenge: Challenging is not allowed within a tile of Town. When challenged defending player may choose to:
-Accept and initiate combat.
-Give up half of gold, attacker wins.
-Give up one equipment of their choice, attacker wins.
-Give up 2 trophies of attackers choice, however attacker must agree to this submission.
Combat if accepted is to the death, however any player after first round may try to escape (see *Fighting) If escaped that player moves his token 2 tiles in opposite direction of his movement and, while challenger wins combat. When one player dies, other is player is victorious. He follows instructions in *Death and draws an event card. If both players die, treat this death like a death to world event. (in case of claiming piles of gold, roll separate for both piles).
In combat both players roll to attack simultaneously. Whoever rolls higher scores a hit. If rolled same, no hits are scored, start next round. All equipment and other modifiers are applied as normal.

---Content to come:
-20+ different cards for each pile.(220+ custom cards total)
-Reworking card layout and design.
-Custom card art
-Board art, possibly alteration of tiles.
-Adding more different colored dice to the board.
-Lore if someone is interested.

Current state of the board on game start: Area on the right is for event cards. Pile on the right is Special cards.


Some Alpha Town event cards:

Please comment if you are interested in seeing this to be released or if you wish to help. Card design, art, any other ideas and help is much appreciated.

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by zappa101 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:23 pm


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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by LionCircuit » Sat Dec 22, 2012 1:10 am


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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by baab32 » Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:12 pm

I WOULD SUCK A DICK FOR THIS TO COME OUT! Seriously....i played too much Hero Quest to forget it. You sir, are a hero!...on a quest....for.....Hero Quest!....

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by hyaducan » Thu Mar 07, 2013 6:00 pm

Looks cool. I'd say keep up the good work.

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by Constance » Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:35 pm

Everybody but
hyaducan wrote:Looks cool. I'd say keep up the good work.

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by Sugar » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:03 am

Oh god please release this immediately please. I would like to help but I'm not sure how. I am a writer, not an artist :D

I can help you with concept art maybe though if you want.

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by Mrp4nd4be4r » Thu May 30, 2013 9:36 pm

Hey there, so are you still working on this mod by chance? I really enjoy the base game, however this seems 100x more interesting and was wondering if you were still working on it. If not, then that is unfortunate and would ask to see if you have a rough version that I could get. If you are, then please continue working by all means, this is something I would enjoy!

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by drako125 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:02 pm

YES YES YES. This mod looks absolutely amazing. I hope maybe wolfire pick this up and would maybe re update it to have it as a mode :P

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

Post by ChaiFox » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:44 pm

Is this mod dead?

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Re: [Mod][WiP]RPG Heroes of Imperia

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