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Re: Tabletop Simulator

Post by Knil » Mon May 19, 2014 8:54 pm

Supreme Guy wrote:I think including it as a default game mode would be a nice nod, but if they don't get permission or simply don't want to i'd still like to see someone mod it into the game.
I'd love too! We contacted them about doing some cross promotion, but they never got back us.

We just release Workshop support as a heads up! There's already over 200 mods available to play.

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Re: Tabletop Simulator

Post by TheSlider » Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:49 am

When I saw the game on steam, I just knew it was based on DG. We're still seeing tons of games come out as simulators, some good, others bad. This one seemed to me at first like it could just be a mod to DG but seeing how far you're pushing it to make it this unique is pretty interesting. I just wish physics simulation wasn't that slow and floaty. Feels annoying.

I'm sure Wolfire doesn't mind about the game, although, they might be thinking that they missed an opportunity seeing how high you're selling the game. ; )

Anyway, as it is now, it looks pretty cool and I can definitely see myself playing some of the prototypes a friend of mine built up during these years, specially since he no longer lives nearby. I'm also sure he would be interested in seeing other players reactions and opinions to his creations for almost no cost.

Speaking of witch, do you think it would be possible to have special tools for people who want to build their games IRL ?
As someone who didn't folow up the campaign and doesn't have full info on this game, is there or will there be a system to enforce players to follow predetermined rules or allow specific movements/positions ? ie : avoid cheaters or "accidents".

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