How to turn off shadows, shaders

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How to turn off shadows, shaders

Post by Endoperez » Thu Mar 26, 2015 12:28 am

I just woke up, checked the forums etc. It seems I was still half asleep because I disapproved a post, instead of approving it. Sorry dude! We have a bit of a spam problem so this has become a reflex.

I don't think there's way to turn off shaders. There's some options you can change to make Overgrowth run a bit better, but I don't remember the details right now.

However, if you're asking because you're running OG on a laptop and it's not working well, there's another thing you can try. Many laptops have too graphics cards, one for games and one for other stuff, like text editors. Overgrowth isn't automatically recognized as a game so it's often run with the weaker graphics card. There should be some sort of option for that somewhere. If you're on Windows, it might be visible when you right-click on OG executable or shortcut.

Again, sorry for the disapproval. Just make a new post and someone will approve it.

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Re: How to turn off shadows, shaders

Post by rodeje25 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:18 am

I almost dissaproved one as well
The spam needs to leave.
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Re: How to turn off shadows, shaders

Post by Gleedaniel13 » Tue May 05, 2015 5:43 am

Hopefully you will approved those who are really sincere and there comments are within the topic. :cry:

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