Writing small descriptions of Overgrowth

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Writing small descriptions of Overgrowth

Post by wake » Sun Sep 20, 2015 5:28 am


Could we write small "narratives", or descriptions of what Overgrowth will be like, as we imagine it, in this thread?

I can start.

Here I stand, overseeing the dog city of Mountain's Peak, alone.

The dogs have already started their daily routines, leaving their city to look for food, iron ore, water, relieving their brethren at the outposts from duty; who have been up all night guarding the city, the children come out to play and women take their babies with them, holding them close as they walk around the perimeter of the city.

Some run, others begrudgingly shuffle up and down the mountain, some skip around the flags placed as monuments and decoration. The young gather around these flags and dance, as if they're celebrating, they are young and proud of their city.

Some of the dogs are out hunting, looking for prey. Some carry flags with them as they patrol the area.

Inside the city, rabbits are being held as prisoners, they say dogs eat rabbits, even their bones. I have learnt they are holding my brother as a prisoner. I am not leaving without him.

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