Overgrowth 30% Off Sale, and Steam Workshop Support

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Overgrowth 30% Off Sale, and Steam Workshop Support

Post by merlyn » Wed May 10, 2017 3:52 pm

Steam Workshop support is now officially open for everyone with a Steam account!

To celebrate the public launch of Steam Workshop integration for Overgrowth, the game is going on a 30% discount for 1 week, starting now, until Wed. May 17th:

(watch in hd)

You can get early access to betas of Overgrowth, now with an integrated Steam Workshop, at wolfire.com/purchase

Early access gives you:
  • Steam Workshop support, including new levels, character models, weapons, campaigns, and script mods (such as the bow and arrow, first person mode, lugaru co-op mode, and flying mod)
  • The fully re-imagined Lugaru campaign story mode, in the Phoenix engine
  • The prototype versus and arena game modes, and "project 60" sandbox levels (as pre-installed mods)
  • Local multiplayer if you have a keyboard mouse and a controller, or 2 controllers
  • All future Betas, and early access to the all-new Overgrowth campaign (if you want spoilers! We are still building it)
  • Access to the Secret Preorder Forum
  • Access to hundreds of additional mods that haven't yet made their way to the Steam Workshop - using the SUMLauncher application
If you'd like to see real-time news about Overgrowth, you can follow us on Twitter at @wolfire, or join us on our Discord.

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