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Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 7:00 am
by zabblezap
I've been playing overgrowth for some time now and I love the mods that are available on the steam workshop but I recently came up with the idea of a mod that would turn overgrowth into a realistic combat game. this could be achieved by slowing the physics of the original game to make it more like a kickboxing style game. Another idea I had was to replace the original animal skins with human skins maybe an MMA/Ufc fighter ? with arena shaped maps and an octagon/ ring and potentially multiplayer. the reason I think this mod is possible is that the basic foundation for a mod like this is already there, your character is already able to block, grab, kick, punch and choke and the player's health is also based on a skeletal structure. Now, this is only an idea atm but I plan on designing a mod soon if anyone is interested or has any suggestions feel free to contact me.