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Post by invertin » Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:41 pm

Jendraz wrote:But IN SOVIET RUSSIA that makes you cool! 8)

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Post by Nuky » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:03 pm

Silb wrote:As far as I know, the main bug with the non-linearity is that Lugaru takes all your choices into account with a delay of one level.

Say the player has just beaten some level after choosing option 2 from 2 possible levels, and he is now presented with a new choice of 2 possible next levels. No matter what he picks, once he beats the next level, the game will behave as if he had picked option 2 just now (and not the previous time).

I don't think this:

Code: Select all

 / 2 - 4 - ...
 \ 3 - 5 - ...
will ever work.

If you're tricky though you can get this for example:

Code: Select all

 / 2 \        / 4 - 6 - ...
1     Bonestew
 \ 3 /        \ 5 - 7 - ...
in such a way that if the player picks 2, then only 4 will be available from level Bonestew, while if he picked 3, only 5 will be available from Bonestew.

I like how there are some unreleased levels 'nuk1', nuk2 etc up there. :)
I too thought about "solving" it with a makeshift buffer in between, but that is hardly immersing at all, depending on how you do it, of course, and may possibly ruin the story unless you're being clever. I will give it a try, anyways, in a real(?) campaign. If anybody cares to join in, it may be more than a silly little "look what we can do!" type thing. ;)

(Also, the nuk* levels are (currently) only blocks laid out to form the corresponding number to help me test it out. =P)

EDIT: Oh, I get it. Sorry about that. Read through too fast, too drunk-ish. <.< (Excuse)
Delay, you say, eh? Why did I not think of that? I was supposed to think of that, I who am familiar with such bugs, sort of. D=
That sheds a new light on it all. Thanks, Silb! =)

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