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Thank you

Post by Sambrave » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:07 am

For contributing and developing games that were released for the indie humble bundle. You are shortlisted and for player like me that love bloody indie games without over-hyped graphics that value content, you are our world! (valued below real life of course). I still wish to congratulate you and I value your initiative.

I will buy your next few game just out of reputation and expectation more than the actual content. Just because I trust that you'll do a good job, and that I'll have a good time playing your games.

And, the "word of mouth" is severely underrated! You'll get several purchases from my friends due to my recommendations and due to the indie humble bundle you'll get proper commendation for the initiative.

Cheers from a pirate the buys about 1/3 of the games she plays due to blatantly bad games being released at 50 bucks.

I root for you! I hope you get really, really, realy rich. And I hope you'll continue producing games that is worth the money I pay for them.

Yes, I have use excessive expression marks(!) as a point, when I have used it it is deserved... These are truly terrible, game ruining points. Nothing more need to be said.

Sorry for the long post - If you didn't get enough info this is where the post ends, after this I will only tell you what I consider "good" games. And slightly why"" add me at "[email protected]" - aka - "wiglaf" at skype for a proper discussion, if you would like one.

Fair price at release (yes I've included indie games that would have been sold at 50 bucks if released by a famous company with awesome graphics): 50 bucks and up = Very good lastable games like: WoW - Cs 16/source whatever, great and innovative and skill based - Minecraft/Terraria (user modding ability saves the cathegory).. (etc, not a huge bunch of games)

Around 30 bucks (15-49)-: Decent games, hell, most games! (get real developers, release a game as decent even though you have invested in it, you'll get your money worth with later releases) like: Mafia 2 (only game I've tried in the series, GTA (later releases, the first console 3d version was very creative and really meant a new era for consoles, it really earned it's high release price.)

around 10 bucks (15 ---) Wow, alot(!!!!) of buggy games, I might have forgot hundreds, don't mention it: Gothic 4(Buggy!!!!! Even tough I liked the game in general it was packed with bugs making me not wanting(!) to actually finish the game(I almost always do)), Age of Conan, the Cm 05(!!!! Altough they were desperately trying to save their series it made me not buy another game from the them... ever!), STALKER (buggy....... But decent in every other aspect, at the lower end of this price class)

Andrea Hansen - Lover of the Humble Indie Bumdle!

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