What do you fear most in reciever?

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Re: What do you fear most in reciever?

Post by BlueCyberDemon » Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:58 am

When you are in a place which dosent have a light...completely dark...creeps me out seriously, it feels like you're playing one of those slendy games... :?
Dequire wrote:...Though walking into the bathroom and turning around to leave always makes me think there's going to be something there, too. Something that isn't a drone.
this as well...

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Re: What do you fear most in reciever?

Post by Dampe » Sun Mar 01, 2015 12:52 pm

Getting my d*ck tased immediately after spawning in.

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Re: What do you fear most in reciever?

Post by David375 » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:09 pm

Using the revolver. I love it because it doesn't require magazines, but the gun still sometimes fails to eject shells unless you tap V a lot and spin the cylinder while holding V. And if you only have a few bullets and they get placed in a non-linear order (happens if the cylinder is spinning, as well as randomly sometimes), having that empty *click* between rounds makes me so jumpy when trying to spam a Turret down.

I find that the flap-flaps aren't a huge deal, because you can actually run faster than them if you spam W, and their poor tracking sends them into a HUGE swerve if you take a sudden turn, giving you plenty of time to make a snapshot.
Well, the thing about turrets is that if you're above, below, or at an angle to them, your bullets ain't doing shit.
I find that aiming for the brown camera pod on the front of the turret results in an easy disable, since it almost never deflects.

Probably the worst enemy I've ever had to face was a flap-flap that I somehow broke the motor on but not the camera or shockpod. You walk right next to it thinking it's donezo but nope, it gets you in the foot anyway and you have a heart attack. Was sooo pissed because I had found like 3 full glock magazines that life.

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