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Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.2

Post by chess123mate » Wed Jan 15, 2014 4:26 pm

Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.2
(Requires Cheat Engine)

Whether you're looking for challenges, training, or just a fun time, you'll find lots to experiment with in the Lugaru Variable Playground mod! With more than 11 modes, 10 "quick modes"/presets, and numerous controls and variants per mode, you'll find plenty of ways to enjoy Lugaru like never before. Including endless combat, sword fights, "lives", becoming a fire monster, giants, midgets, and special weapon variants, there is a diverse selection of options you have to modify your Lugaru playing experience!

And a special bonus, the mod also fixes "ghost weapons" - characters using invisible weapons that still damage you but cannot be disarmed. (I think this tends to happen if a disarming manoeuvre gets interrupted).

Note: Most of the information on this post (and a much more detailed listing of modes and their controls) is available in the lua script in the .zip file attached.

A Cheat Engine lua script with numerous modes and options that can enhance or alter numerous aspects of Lugaru gameplay.
Works with the free demo of Lugaru and the full version. Though I haven't tested it with any other mods, I expect that it should work with all content mods (level or material packs), but if you have a different version of lugaru.exe from the original, it may not be compatible with this mod.
All changes are temporary and will disappear if you close Cheat Engine and restart Lugaru (note: high-scores and times made while using this mod will remain).

This script almost exclusively uses the in-game score display to give you information while you're in-game. As such, I recommend starting a new profile to use with this script. At the end of the round, the score display is reset to whatever score Lugaru has given you throughout the round (this behaviour can be turned off), but it's extremely easy to get skewed or ridiculous scores or times regardless.

Controls include the 0-9 keys (not on the numpad), F2-F12 keys (with Shift, Control, and Alt modifiers), almost the entire numpad, and the Delete button. If, for a command, it says to press "Ctrl F12, -, 0", that means "Hold 'control' while pressing F12, then release both, and then press '-' and '0' on the numpad (in the order shown)."

-Contains the following Quick Setup Modes: Enemy stats equalizer (equalize with yours), nine lives mode, enemies get two lives, challenge mode (enemies know where you are), giants or midgets, endless melee, endless duel, everyone gets a sword and is forced to hang on to it, player invincibility, and reset the modes in this list.
-Contains the following modes: Unending Duel/Melee (with KO counter) [great for practicing!], Lives (for you and/or enemies), Challenge Mode (all AIs know where you are), Varying Speed challenge mode, "To The Death", Timer, and Random Fire mode.
-Keeps track of your damage/hits dealt/received
-Can tell you the value of the various damage levels of you and/or an enemy
-Lets you modify the following values in-game for yourself and/or enemies: damagetolerance, power, scale, speedmult, what weapon you are carrying, howactive (influences character pose out of combat), aitype, and onfire. Except for the last three, your changes can optionally be kept between level loads.
-You can also create invincible staffs (they never break) and "infinitely throwable knives" (every time you lose/drop/throw a knife, you immediately get a new one, allowing you to throw tens of knives at your opponents in seconds!)
-You can at any time revive, reset health variables, or kill yourself or enemies
-You and/or enemies can:
->become invincible to normal/staff attacks and/or knives/swords
->slowly recover from normally-permanent damage types (superpermanentdamage and bloodloss)
->become fireproof
->become prone to randomly lighting on fire
->light on fire when knocked out/killed
->become fire monsters (fireproof and always on fire)

-Requires Cheat Engine (developed/tested on version 6.3) (You can get it here for free:
-Download the zip file attached to this post and extract it somewhere
If you want to read the script (it contains detailed instructions and known script limitations), open up the ".lua" file using your preferred text-editor.
-Put the Lugaru.CT file into "My Documents\My Cheat Tables\" and, upon connecting to the Lugaru process, Cheat Engine will automatically ask if you want to open Lugaru.CT.
Running the Mod
-Start Lugaru
-Open Cheat Engine and attach it to the Lugaru process (in the File menu, select "Open Process" and select Lugaru.exe).
-Open the .CT file you extracted using Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine will ask if you want to run the lua script: say yes to run it immediately or click "Execute" while viewing the script (which you can do by going to "Table", "Show Cheat Table Lua Script"). Note: The .CT file contains an unfinished list of addresses/variables independent of the mod that show up in the table at the bottom of the Cheat Engine window. You can modify, ignore, or delete these at will. While in-game, if you alt+tab to the Cheat Engine window, you can browse and modify these values (though you shouldn't modify the pointers and some of your changes can be overwritten by the mod, depending on what modes you have activated).

Control Summary for 0-9 non-numpad keys
(All contain skip-end-of-round-waiting-time on)
1: Reset modes 2-9 and 0
2: Damage tolerance and power equalizer (to yours)
3: 9 Lives mode (with carry-over to future levels) -- how far can you get?
4: Enemy's get 2 lives (you get none)
5: Challenge mode (AIs know where you are)
6: Giants mode (Enemy's are larger and more powerful, but slower), Midgets mode (Enemy's are smaller and faster, but less powerful), or back to Normal
7: Endless Melee mode
8: Endless Duel mode (only 1 opponent)
9: Everyone gets a sword and is forced to hang on to it
0: Player invincibility

Control Summary for F2-F12 keys (including Shift, Control, and/or Alt variants)
I recommend reading the script and writing down any controls you intend to use on a piece of paper for easy reference. The following summary doesn't describe how to use the modifier or numpad keys in conjunction with the F keys.
F2: Game score (show/reset) and skip-end-of-round-wait-time (the 7 seconds you have to wait after winning before the "win" screen shows up)
F3: Modify damagetolerance
F4: Revive/Kill/Reset damage
F5: Modify aitype and pose ("howactive")
Ctrl and Alt F5: Various challenge modes
F6: Modify Power, Scale, Speedmult
Alt F6: Weapon management
F7: Modify onfire, burnt, Fire Bomb (get lit on fire when unconscious/dead), Fireproof, Fire monsters
F8: Random fire mode
F9: Lives mode
F10: Timer mode
F11: Unending Combat mode (you can duel 1+ enemies indefinitely and the script will keep track and display KOs dealt/received)
F12: Show hits/damage dealt/received or show one of the current damage variables for you and/or an enemy
Alt F12: Game modifying toggles that modify the behaviour of superpermanentdamage, permanentdamage, damage, and/or bloodloss. One of them enables "To The Death", where characters will get up again after their "damage" value has decreased enough (I suspect this was initially going to be part of the original Lugaru, in one form or another).

Special Challenge
Press "5" and "9" (non-numpad keys) for a special challenge - try to get through all of Lugaru's challenge levels with these activated! (I guarantee it's possible without any other modes/cheats, at least on the "Difficult" difficulty).

Does this work on Linux?
I saw a post by the author of Cheat Engine that suggested that if you run both Cheat Engine and Lugaru in Wine (, it should - but I haven't tested it. If you get this to work, please let us know!

Some modes allow you to specify a specific enemy using the numpad [numbers 1-8]. How do I tell what number corresponds to which enemy?
You are always 1, the first enemy is 2, the second is 3, etc. To figure out which enemy is which, try some of the following:
1. Just try it out (ex. use Shift F4 to kill, then F4 to revive if you want [and maybe F5, 0, / to get everyone passive again]
2. Control F7 controls whether a character is burnt or not. ex. Ctrl F7, 2, + will make character #2 burnt. Pressing "-" right after will make them not burnt. ("Burnt" is purely graphical and doesn't affect the character's damage levels)

Occasionally I see a character that is all black for a second at the beginning of the level. What's going on?
The mod is granting temporary invincibility to this character -- it thinks that the character has been revived (since it doesn't bother to check if it's actually a new level). This is most commonly seen on your character if you reset a level quickly after dying. Unless you set the invincibility time to a high value (adjustable in the lua script), this shouldn't affect normal gameplay.

You can also see characters (including yours) become black/invincible for a couple seconds (after dying) in modes where characters have multiple lives. Note that characters that become blackened due to fire will not become "unburnt" from the mod, so don't mistake a blackened character in a level with fire as a mod malfunction.

What is "damagetolerance"?
This is Lugaru's name for a variable that represents an odd mix of "health", "armour", and "mass". Instead of characters having a "health" variable, they have "damage", "permanentdamage" (which isn't permanent), and "superpermanentdamage" (which is permanent, unless you use this mod to change that behaviour). When these values reach "damagetolerance", you get knocked out killed.

How do I kill enemies easier?
1. Set enemy damagetolerance to a low value. If you set it to 10, they will not only die, they will burst into a mist of blood! [This is a regular game feature.] Use Shift F3, 1 [or 2 for damagetolerance of 50]. Use Alt F3 to save these changes between level loads.
2. Set your power high or their power low (but you have to do this every time a level loads): F6, 9 (to select enemies), and press "-" or "/" until the score displays a really low value. You can also press 1 to select yourself and use "+" and "*" to increase your power level.
3. Shift F4 allows you to immediately kill any character (including yourself). Shift F4, * kills a random enemy.
4. Look at the controls for Alt F6 to see what sort of weapons you can give yourself (or even your enemies). A personal favourite is the "infinitely throwable knife"...

I'm seeing 6 or 7 digit scores - what's going on?
Check the full instructions for whatever mode you're on. Often modes will show you two values, sometimes separated by a 0. For example, If you press F12, you might see "5703". To decipher this, start from the right side and continue until you see a 0: that's the number of hits you've taken (3 in this case). The rest is the number you've dealt (57). Unfortunately, sometimes there isn't enough room for a 0 (since the score display cannot accurately go higher than 7 digits), so you might get a number like "15457" [say you're looking at the current damage of yourself and an enemy], which is a bit ambiguous. Fortunately, you can usually specify just one of the numbers if you're confused, and the numbers are frequently changing (often decreasing slowly), so you can usually figure it out.

I'm trying to play through the campaign with this mod, but on the level I'm on, I get to the end and nothing is happening!
For any campaign level where there is talking but no combat, press Alt F2 at anytime in that level and the campaign will continue as normal when the level ends.

When I exit Lugaru, a "Lua Engine" window pops up from Cheat Engine complaining about some error!
This happens when you close Lugaru while the mod is still running an update, but is nothing to worry about. The mod attempts to stop its main updating when Lugaru has been closed (it automatically starts up again if you reconnect Cheat Engine to Lugaru), but if you press any of the controls before closing Cheat Engine, parts of the mod may try to run.
If you encounter this sort of error while playing Lugaru, you have encountered a bug - please let me know what it says and what you were doing.

If you've enjoyed this mod, have ideas/feedback/bug reports, or think that something could use clarification, please reply and let me know what you think. Enjoy!
[+] Change Log
Apr 29: Fixed a minor bug that caused you to gain bloodloss while in "Fire Monster" mode, if you stayed in one level long enough.
Apr 28: Update to v1.2. Download count was at 31, but will be reset by my uploading a new version. Some downloads were also "lost" from v1.0 to v1.1.
In v1.2:
-Changed this post to reflect new content
-Added "Infinitely Throwable Knives"
-If any character has "reduce damage while unconcious" toggle on, the level won't end until that character is dead
-"Force everyone to hold weapons" can now be set to "just the player"
-"Keep weapon changes" can now be set to "just the player's weapon changes"
-Balanced the Giants/Midgets modes
-Added an Invincibility "quick mode"
-Added a mode where the weapons you end up with when a level ends are what you start with at the beginning of the next level (but if you die, you start with nothing)
-Added "Fire Monster" mode
-Improved the algorithm for "fireproof" to be 100% effective, even if you are continually on fire
-Added a "Speed Challenge Mode" - enemies' speed is continually, randomly, and gradually changed to be +/-15% faster than the default
Bug fixes:
-"creature" and "id" address references were incorrect (this didn't affect gameplay as they were unused in v1.1)
-In Lives mode, your damage didn't properly carry over to future levels
-Broken staffs made a horrible racket in "everyone keeps hold of weapons" mode (but are now properly ignored)
-The mod didn't record if you wanted an unbreakable staff vs a regular staff if you were saving weapon changes between levels (it always gave a breakable staff)
-The "settings" for the Lives mode were unused
-Ctrl F12, 0 wouldn't update the score if there were no aggressive enemies (but now properly shows your information)
-The score display was supposed to go back to the mode you were in before the level ended, but didn't

Apr 14: Minor changes to Questions section.

Feb 1: Update to include v1.1. Added Change Log section. v1.1 changes:
-Alt F6 introduces "weapon" mode: You can now modify what weapon is being held by you or an enemy. You can create numerous weapons, delete owned/unowned/all weapons, keep weapon modifications active between level changes, and also prevent characters from losing their weapon(s).
-Added "quick setup modes" using keys 0-9 (non-numpad numbers)
-Changed the Ctrl+F12 display to be "(enemy value)0(your value)" to be consistent with the rest of the modes when showing multiple values (before, it was your value first, then the enemy value).
-Improved Ctrl+F12 display algorithm when choosing an enemy that you are in combat with
-F6 modes now use "." to toggle keeping changes between levels (so you can be a gigantic, super-fast beast on all levels really easily)
-The script now "pauses" at the same time Lugaru does (though you can still issue commands) - anything that happens over a period of time (including random fire and timer modes) will be "paused" until you resume playing. (Lugaru is paused whenever it doesn't have focus or whenever you're in a menu.)
-Alt F2 purpose changed to allow you to continue past Campaign levels where there is no combat
-Alt F5 allows you to change the pose of any character (if they are stationary and not in combat).
-Fixed a bug where skipping the end-of-round-wait time after pressing F2 would cause your score to be 0
-Fixed resetting the damagetolerance

Jan 19: Included Cheat Engine link and added minor clarifications to the installation section.
Lugaru Variable Playground
Contains the lua script and the .CT file that can be used with Cheat Engine.
(81.97 KiB) Downloaded 798 times
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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by 29222908 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:12 pm

look up .Love, its a program for lua

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by 29222908 » Sat Jan 18, 2014 9:23 pm

btw, i am very good with lua language if there is anyh tweaking that you happen to need

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by 29222908 » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:56 pm

where can i find cheat engine?

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by chess123mate » Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:28 pm

You can get cheat engine here:
I have edited the initial post to include this link (see the Installation section).
I don't need help with the lua language, though I'm open to ways of improving the mod.

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by 29222908 » Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:00 am

i think it would be nice to have a health indicator of some sort that is simple and is automatically displayed

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by chess123mate » Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:09 pm

At present, I do not know how I might make an in-game GUI with Cheat Engine,though I know I've heard of a mod that already exists that adds a health bar to the game.

Nonetheless, if anyone can set up an in-game GUI for lugaru using Cheat Engine, I'll gladly add it to the mod.

(At the moment, if you press Ctrl F12, -, 0, the score will show your damage and the damage of an enemy you are fighting.)

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by 29222908 » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:50 pm

i tried ctrl,f12,-.0 and it just did wierd stuff like make everyone slide around and stuff

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by chess123mate » Mon Jan 20, 2014 9:58 pm

Sliding around? I've never seen that before -- that is weird! Most of the F12 related features just change the score value! I do hope the script works on all Lugaru installations... I got the variable addresses on a 64-bit machine - might the addresses end up being different on 32-bit, or should they be the same?

Throughout the instructions, don't forget that "Ctrl F12" means "Ctrl + F12" (ie hold down 'ctrl' while pressing 'F12'), then proceed to press "-" and then "0" (both on the numpad only).

If you press Alt F2, the score is supposed to go from 0 to 10 and then back to 0 (over a period of 2 seconds). Does this work?

Another thing to consider: I've been using the original Lugaru code. If you've been working with a newer version (and I think some people have been writing code for it since it's been made open-source?), it's extremely likely that some/all of the addresses of the variables the mod uses have changed. Is this case for you?

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Re: Lugaru Cheat Engine Mod (Windows)

Post by 29222908 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:49 am

ya, it works now, the other time must have been a glitch or something because i had to restart the lugaru processes to get the cheat to work again

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Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.1

Post by chess123mate » Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:47 pm

I have updated the mod to v1.1! Along with bug fixes, enjoy weapons, poses, and quick-setup controls (using the non-numpad numbers 0-9).

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Re: Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.1

Post by Jakeukalane » Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:48 pm

Do you know if this works with GNU/Linux? The instructions only name the .exe

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Re: Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.1

Post by chess123mate » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:43 pm

Sorry, I think it is Windows only. One problem is that Cheat Engine doesn't have a Linux version. The other problem is that Lugaru might have variables in a slightly different location on the Linux version since there's code specifically for it (though I haven't looked into it). That said, you could try running Cheat Engine and/or Lugaru in Wine ( If you're successful (or not), please let us know!

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Re: Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.2

Post by chess123mate » Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:56 am

I have just updated this mod to version 1.2! The new neat features:
-"Infinitely Throwable Knives" (you've probably picked up hundreds of knives over time throughout the levels of Lugaru, right? Then surely you deserve to be able to throw them all back at your enemies and watch them dance under the barrage of deadly missiles!)
-"To The Death" mode (unconcious characters have their damage decreased until they are automatically revived by Lugaru)
-Better Giants and Midgets mode
-Ability to "Carry weapons to next level" (whatever you are carrying when the level ends)
-Fire Monster (for when you want to burn your enemies!)
-Player Invincibility "Quick Mode" (press 0, the one not on the numpad)
-"Speed Challenge Mode" -- enemies' speed fluctuates between +/-15% of the default
-Numerous bug fixes (full list in change log)

You can also now apply "force holding weapons" and "keep weapon selection changes" to just the player (you).

So now you can parade around the campaign setting fire to anyone you meet while yielding your brand new Infinitely Throwable Knife!
Or, for a challenge, activate the Speed Challenge whilst fighting Giants or Midgets -- and maybe give everyone swords?
Or let the levels feel more continuous and activate the "damage carry over" feature of the Lives mode while using the "Carry weapons to next level" feature!

As usual, if you encounter any problems or have any feedback, let me know! :)

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Re: Lugaru Variable Playground Mod v1.2

Post by aaron1010 » Mon Apr 17, 2023 9:10 pm

The outstanding feature of this mod v1.2 is a unique combat system that allows players to perform different attacks and moves based on the positioning contexto of their character and the direction they are facing.

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