Receiver gamepad controls (JoyToKey)

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Receiver gamepad controls (JoyToKey)

Post by iUserProfile » Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:18 pm

I created a control sceme
to play receiver with a gamepad and JoyToKey

(Paste it into JoyToKey folder an activate it in the Program)

The goal was to recreate an immersive feeling of handling the gun.
It's far from perfect as i had to build around the limitations of the game and the program but it is a fine experience if you search for general gamepad controls or an immersive feeling.

It controls as follows (XBox360):

Left trigger - Push slightly - Look into chamber, Push full - Pull receiver /
Close cylinder / Take bullet out of magazine;
Left bumper - Take aim;
Right trigger - Pull the trigger;
Right bumper - Grab items;
X - Release magazine / Throw away magazine / Open cylinder;
Y - Insert magazine / Insert bullet;
B - Cock hammer;
A - Jump;
Back - Holster weapon;
Start - Cycles through item slots 1 - 4 (Push more often if nothing happens ...);
Left analog stick - Walking;
Left analog stick click - Running;
Right analog stick - Looking / Aiming;
Right analog stick click - Crouch (Toggle recomended);
D-Pad up: Insert bullet / Insert magazine;
D-Pad left: Open cylinder / Release magazine / Throw away magazine;
D-Pad right: Close cylinder / Pull receiver / Take bullet out of magazine;
D-Pad down: Safety / Auto mod / Extractor rod

The D-Pad controls go very good with the revolver and refilling magazines.
If you play around a little i'm sure you'll get a natrual feeling for the handling as intended.
I played with half way mouse sensetivity (just beneath the colon of that slider).

I'm aware this won't compare to the precision of mouse and keyboard but what is so fascinating to me about receiver is the immersion and this aims to enhance the immersion.
Even in this basic form the game can pull you in just by giving you detailed control over a weapon. I really would like to see more games with such profund immersive controls. It would be perfect for classic horror-survival, modern mmo-survival or even tactical-multiplayer-shooter gameplay.

Kudos to Wolfire and have fun.

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