[Mod] Need & Greed WIP

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[Mod] Need & Greed WIP

Post by Saedz » Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:59 am

Small card game idea i have been pondering about for a while now, and i require some help to come up some card ideas.
If you have any rule ideas do tell me.
I'll be making the card art myself.
Card ideas can be posted here:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

or if you want to post the ideas here instead please use this template:

Item name:

Need and Greed(Wip title)

Point of the game:

Loot/kill all other players
Game takes it’s inspiration from Munchkin and Epic Spell Wars.


Setting: MMO raid after big final dungeon boss kill, everyone part of the raid gets too greedy and starts killing each other players, so they can get every piece of loot for themselves.
Players use any new loot they can find from the loot mountain.
Fight happens on a giant loot mountain which was dropped upon defeating the raid boss monster.

Required pieces:

1 Deck of cards where all players draw their cards from
Character card/health indicator.

10-20(?) health points max

Start of the game everyone draws 5 cards and may equip any items from their hand and put it in front of himself face up. At the start of the each player's own turn player draws 1 card.
Players can use as many cards from their hand as they want during their turn.
Card hand limit is 5 at the end of the turn, if your hand exceeds the card limit discard as many cards from your hand until you have only 5 in your hand.

Can only attack once during their turn unless card tells otherwise.
Players can attack any other player at their turn.

After player has drawn a card from the deck at the start of his/her turn, player can choose to continue his turn normally by playing any cards from his/her hand or end his/her turn and draw another card from the deck

Player turns are determined by character's speed stat. Player with highest speed stat goes first, and with the least speed comes last.
If players have equal speed the turn is determined which player one has more luck stat.
Round ends when all players has played their turn.

Game ends when all other players are dead and you are last one alive.

Each turn player items lose 1 duration and break and thrown in the discard pile when 0.

You can only equip 1 type each 1 weapon for each hand is possible.
all classes can use any type of armor/weapon.

Example: Attack(5) - enemy defense(3) = Attacker designates 1 opponent’s limbs (example: hands) damage taken 2
if attack(3) - enemy defense(5) = damage taken, but piece of armor designated by attacking player loses 1 durability.

Attack main stat for attacking equal to every item with ‘Attack’ stat.
Magic mainly used for spells equal to every item with ‘magic’ stat.
Defense Equal to every item with ‘Defense’ stat.
Speed The player with most speed starts the round. Equal to every item card with ‘Speed’ stat.
Luck Equal to every item card with ‘Luck’ stat.

Each player chooses their class at the start of the game.
Each class has their own base stat.
Every character has 1 base stat for every type of stat.

Class: stat Special ability: used once per turn.

Warrior 1 attack Can reduce defense by 2 from any item for a turn.
Thief 1 speed Can steal 1 garbage or common item from another player and put it in his/her hand.
Mage/ 1 magic Target player discard 1 random card from his/her hand.
Archer 1 luck Deals 2 damage directly at any player.


Quality: Duration/durability:
Broken and thrown in discard pile if reaches 0

Garbage 1
Common 2
Uncommon 3
Epic 4

P.S. even if item loses durability/duration the card’s quality doesn’t drop.

Card types

Each armor/weapon card has stat(s), quality and/or special effect.

Armor cards


weapons usually gives more stat

sword/axe attack
staff/wand magic
shield defense
dagger speed
bow/ranged luck


spell scrolls can only be used if enough Magic stat
action can be used at any time depending on the card.

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Re: [Mod] Need & Greed WIP

Post by luckywin90 » Fri Mar 17, 2023 5:05 am

I had a lot of harvest after seeing this post of yours! Before, I used to play games nytimes crossword, this is a fun game for entertainment, but now I will follow you, read your articles will have more knowledge.

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Re: [Mod] Need & Greed WIP

Post by lorde » Fri May 24, 2024 10:36 pm

Following these guidelines and card ideas, I can further develop "Need and Greed" into a balanced slope and engaging card game. Thank you!

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