Ideas for Overgrowth (WOLFIRE PLEASE READ)

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Ideas for Overgrowth (WOLFIRE PLEASE READ)

Post by waverun » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:00 am

Hello everyone.

I have some ideas for Overgrowth for the next update.

First idea is a way to make animations and scripting so people can TRULY implement their own weapons.

Second idea is fleshing out the combat. Making it so the combat is satisfying to watch and use. Make it so you can perform whichever move you actually WANT to perform, and not a random one.
Like, walking backwards while blocking and pressing left mouse button performs a fist uppercut.
Walking forwards while blocking and pressing the left mouse button performs an overhead-fist-slam onto the opponent.
Walking from side-to-side and using the left mouse button does hook-swing punches.
Walking forward and pressing the left mouse button does a jab punch.
Walking forwards and pressing the right mouse button does a forward snap-kick.
Side to side does a roundhouse kick.
Backwards does a crescent/axe kick.
Backwards while blocking does a back-spinning-wheel kick.
Forwards while blocking does a forward side-snap kick.
And finally side-to-side while blocking does various spin kicks.

Thank you for reading. Just wanted to get that off my chest because I know Overgrowth can be a better game.

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Re: Ideas for Overgrowth (WOLFIRE PLEASE READ)

Post by Silverfish » Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:08 am

It's already possible to make custom animations and scripting for your own weapons. See the Bow & Arrow mod for example: ... =855413136

The moves you do are not random, it works similarly to how you've described, except its simpler. Here is a really old but still relevant video tutorial showing how to do each attack:

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