Forum Rules *please read*

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Forum Rules *please read*

Post by Nayr » Tue Mar 01, 2005 5:42 pm

1. Please do not post spam, random comments.

2. Don't post messages specifically for other forum members, that is what private messages are for.

3. The edit button has a use. Use it. If You want to add something to a previous post, Edit It!

4. If you have a common problem, such as 'How do I?' or any such question regarding a game, use the forum Search feature, chances are it has been asked and answered before. If it does not relate to one of Wolfire's games, Google the question. If you still do not know the answer, post your question in Randomness.

5. Please keep the conversation above 2nd grade level; basic spelling and grammar are appreciated.

6. Be polite. Do not post anything defiling: e.g., swears, insults, ethnic slurs, etc.
Keep in mind that there are children here.

7. Please no 1337 speak unless used in an appropriate or humorus fashion

8. Please, no Mac vs PC debates, they just make people mad and split the community.

9. Do not bump old posts if you have nothing to contribute to the thread.