Creating procedurally generated worlds for a free roam mod?

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Creating procedurally generated worlds for a free roam mod?

Post by Silver-Chords » Tue Oct 20, 2020 10:27 pm

Hello, I was wondering if I could make a C or C# script to create an entire world. I'm completely new to trying to mod overgrowth so, please go easy on me.

I do not know how to write angel script but I know the basics of C++ and I'm a programmer so it's pretty much just a difference of syntax for me atm (thank god Angel script makes it so we don't have to worry about memory leaks....that's angel script...right?)
I would like to make the mod "Undergrowth" better. It has optimization, render distance, and item spawn chance problems but the concept is something I crave so I'd like to make it better.

I'm currently reading up on the documentation for scripting and I have a few questions such as, how can we construct a level from the ground up? Can it be done entirely from a script? Would procedurally generating a map via script also let me generate a nav mesh/patrol patterns for enemies? Is it possible to force two mods to work together? (Such as taking a mechanic from one mod and jamming it into another) I have more questions but I'm probably pushing it with how long this is now lol.

This may take a while to learn but I adore this game so it's fine with me. Thank you for reading and, if you do, replying. I'd love to make overgrowth even better....not much room for improvement because this game is amazing but, still wanna try lol.

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Re: Creating procedurally generated worlds for a free roam mod?

Post by alpines » Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:15 pm

I know this is a super late response (I don't frequent the forum) but yes it is possible, but a lot of work. If you need help with it I'd recommend you to join the Wolfire Discord and check out the Overgrowth Modding channel.

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